The prince gets a parking charge notice

I am being taken to Court by Parkingeye.

Disputing that they sent any letters to me as the first time I knew I had a parking charge issued was when I opened a letter from the Court. I had given them my mobile number and Email address several months ago but they have not used either.

They are claiming costs of £30.00 administration fees, £15.00 Court costs, £2.50 for DVLA fee, and £2.50 postage total £50.00.

I have sent every letter to them by recorded post at a cost of £1.70 each letter. It has to be signed for so I know that they have received each letter.

Had they done the same back in November 2012 they could have proof that the letter was received at a cost of £1.70 instead of paying £15 for court proceedings to start. Watch this space….