Parking Eye – trying it on again!

On a business trip I was booked into the hotel at Welcome Break Leicester Forest East and parked in a parking space opposite the hotel, as advised by the hotel receptionist. (I was driving my sister’s car as mine was in for a service.)

About 20th September 2013 she got a ‘Parking Charge Notice’ from Parking Eye with a photograph of the car concerned. She passed this on to me and invited me to ‘deal with it.’ I was about to write to their appeals department and state that the hotel receptionist had advised me to park where I did – then, I decided to read a few reviews and came across this article.

I went back to ParkingEye site and read their terms and conditions. BEHOLD, it clearly states that hotel guests are entitled to free parking. I promptly changed the address on my appeal letter to ‘Complaints’ and sent them a copy of their own statement of terms for parking.

I think that I will just ignore all further correspondence from them, apart that is, from the apology letter I have requested. Do you think that I will get an apology letter? (probably not.) I will keep you advised if there are any further untoward correspondence from them.

by Juliette

  • Dave Le Marchand

    Just Google ‘Youtube watchdog parking fines’ to see what to do with this. It is an INVOICE not a fine and you will get 10 – 15 of these… ignore them all. They will NEVER take you to court.

    • KP

      Even if you get one from a debt collecting company?

      • Dave Le Marchand

        Yep. Bet there’s no address given for the company… Or it is a PO box, usually registered to… The Parking Enforcement company!

  • Frank, Birmingham

    I have just rec’d a PCN from Parking Eye for welcome break, hop wood. Is this legal – do I have to pay or should it be ignored?

  • Jane

    My friend and I were both ( 2 cars) issued parking eye fines for parking in Aldi in Renfrew. We did shop but then went for something to eat over the road – we have been told by staff in the store to ignore notices as they cannot be upheld in Scotland is this true?

  • Pete

    In July 2015 myself and a colleague had to visit Liverpool on business. We used the Adelphi Hotel short term car park as our stay was only for a couple of hours. I paid for the ticket using their mobile phone facility and the money was taken from my bank account. It took a few minutes as their method is somewhat convoluted but it was, nonetheless paid. Two months later I received a charge notice from Parking Eye for £100. I used their on-line appeal giving details of times, telephone numbers and dates, thereby informing them that they had made an error. I even wrote a separate letter. Today I received notification that my appeal had failed!
    I’m now trying to contact the company to inform them that I’d like the matter taken care of in court. Well, to be honest, I’m demanding they take me to court. It’s virtually impossible to send them an e-mail or speak to someone directly but it doesn’t matter.
    I must confess I can’t wait. I paid the fee, I can prove I paid the fee and I can even provide electronic, documentary and written evidence in conjunction with bank statements and mobile phone time stamps that I paid the fee. It would appear to be a case they can’t possibly win.
    Of course, this means I can then counter sue for damages. There are precedents for amounts payable (in excess of £175 per day) and I’m so far reckoning around £500.
    I’ll keep you informed…