Parking Eye payments – think twice before doing it

Before you rush off and make a large payment to parking eye on their website, think twice. Have a read through this site and consider if you really need to be making that payment. Get a copy of our ebook and find out why you don’t have to pay.

Thank god nobody knows how to type in a web address any more. I noticed that people were typing into Google and finding this website. Obviously they were trying to go and pay Parking Eye, something many visitors of this website have been thinking about.

Top 5 reasons not to pay Parking Eye

  1. You don’t actually owe them anything. They’re sort of saying “Look, we can take you to court and the judge will say you owe us this money, so just give it us now and we’ll forget all that, oh and by the way here’s 50% off if you pay really quick and don’t think about it.” You wouldn’t pay a guy who walked up to you in the street and said that would you?
  2. The charges are mostly unenforceable. It’s a pre-estimation of damages, except the calculations are wildly inaccurate and grossly extortionate. So much so that it is in fact a penalty clause, something that hasn’t been allowed in contracts since 1915.
  3. They don’t care about your appeal. I would be surprised if they even read it. Just check the number and churn off their standard letter. Ever met anybody who had a successful “appeal”? No me neither and I’ve had about 8,000 people here so far.
  4. They have a robot that they let run amok. It’s called the system and all the humans in the office are powerless to stop it. Fortunately it’s fuelled by Bank of England notes so if you stop sending it money it will eventually malfunction.
  5. They can’t take everybody to court. Of all the 1.8m tickets issued by all private parking companies in 2011, only 49 were heard in court. That’s 0.003%. It costs them much more than the damages to issue the court proceedings and overall they’ve got a pretty poor success rate, less than 50/50 for sure. So you’ve got to be pretty unlucky and pretty unprepared to end up having to pay them.

The more people refuse to pay and insist on being heard in court, the less profitable this racket will be and the people at Parking Eye can go back to crafting rings from the fires of mount doom or whatever they did before.

  • Neil Hodds

    this company issued me with a parking “charge” for £40 to be increased to £70 if not paid immediately. The charge was for overstaying in the Middlesbrough centre Aldi carpark on 19/11/12 by 12hrs !!!!!! Having researched parkingeye I finally found a tel. no. that was actually answered by a person and not automated …… After a lengthy discussion , I asked this person if they knew that the carpark was shared between Aldi and Travelodge ! The answer ……. `NO` ! I then explained that I had stayed in the Travelodge on the night in question for which there was free parking . After being put on hold for several minutes , the person came back and told me that I was correct that it was a shared carpark and would rescind the charge aswell as issueing me with a letter to confirm such ….. which I received within 48hrs…… all well and good …. but …. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE PARKED HERE , RECEIVED A CHARGE … AND PAID IT !!!!!!! I will be asking Parkingeye this question .

    • teresa hughes

      glad i read comment just received parking charge for 100 pds stayed 2 nights in days inn on m40 was told at reception parking was free

    • sue

      do you have the number you rang please

  • dorothy webster

    HI just read your letter about parking eye I have
    received an invoice from them for fine of £70 had my elderly mum at Sunderland Eye Infirmary on the 28th March she has a Blue Badge so does not pay parking anyway so don’t know how they can issue a fine.This sounds like one big SCAM…….

    • Normski Maddison

      I also received a fine letter off them my van was off the road (involved in a crash)so I was using my Dad’s car with MY blue badge their saying I never paid so I emailed them telling them that I forgot to register my Dad’s car with security at the hospital and Im currently waiting for a return email back off them

  • jason fitzgerald

    im emailing you because ive recieved 2 parking notices,,one of them is under my girlfriends name helen jacob ref no.520842/720829 as i was using her car on the 09/04/2013 the other is under my name jason fitzgerald ref no.060847/310622,date 15/04/2013,,im a member with fitness first romford and have been for the past few years,,i was sure that i registered both vehicles on the dates shown,,my mebership number is 10368028,,,they will verify that i was using the gym on the dates and times of the penalty notices..i await your reply..thank you..jason fitzgerald..

  • Alan Mills

    Spent my time buying furniture for my grand daughter who is about to fly the nest.
    After the expense of a Dining Room table and chairs plus a bed and fridge freezer, everyone was starting to wilt and so I treated them all to a meal at the local Harvester Restaurant (table for 5 ) This restaurant is adjacent to the car park in question which was a huge empty expanse apart from my car and a couple of others.
    I am therefore disgusted that after all this time and money supporting local shops, some miserable little jobsworth has added a £100.00 fine for staying too long in a car park that was obviously empty.
    I must comment that Letchworth a neighbouring town adopted the same policy.
    They recently closed a public car park but not before adding double yellow lines to the nearby roads ! If you visit Letchworth town now, it is no surprise to see nearly every other shop out of business and closing or closed.
    Letchworth today, Stevenage tomorrow if you let these nasty little people continue on
    their power/ego trips. Please let them just sulk in the corner while we the public enjoy
    shopping on the internet from our armchairs.

  • Susan

    Went to visit my in laws in Ely, Cambridge stopped off at Birchanger Green services for 30 mins. Drove up to Cmbridge spent the day in their garden, so have no evidence I was there. Came home 8 hours later stopped at the same services for the toilet. They are saying I spent 8.5 hrs sent me a penalty letter and then when I appealled they rejected my appeal!

  • jojo8790

    I received a letter a few months ago telling me to pay an £80 fine after reading all the advice it was put on the burn pile. Today when the post came I have a letter from a debt collection company asking for £135. I dont have that kinda money lieing about! ! Any advice on if I can appeal it??

    • Sunil

      I received a similar notice. I wrote to them that I have moved overseas (India) and gave them an address. They actually send a notice there once. I ignored it and they dropped the claim. Seriously, ignore it. They will stop sending notices. It’s an ideal threat!

      • Brenda

        I also had a court threat letter and unfortunately it was taken to court and I now owe £150!! I didn’t pay it and I now have a ccj. This can cause all kinds of problems. All the phone lines are automated so don’t have chance to speak to anyone to make it right. The ccj stays with me for 6 yrs too.

  • Geraldine Dibble

    I’ve been shopping at Aldi in Grays, Essex for the past 6 years on a regular basis with no problems. On 27th July 2013 I arrived there at 8.41 & left at 10.43. I spent the first 48 minutes on the phone to my sister discussing what shopping our elderly father needed, whilst sitting in my car . I used a £5 voucher from the daily paper because I spent over £40, which was a great help. The following week I received a £70 fine from ParkingEye because I was only allowed to park there for an hour & a half! I was gutted! I never noticed any signs . It has put me off going there now!

    • jill

      I took my autistic son for a dental apt at Hexham Hospital, We were there for 33 mins and clearly displayed the blue disabled badge. Now I have received a parking fine in the post, I think this is outrageous. I’m not paying it!

  • Theresa kemp

    I got stuck coming home from my daughter’s in Norfolk when they shut the m25 down overnight for urgent repairs. Spent hours driving trying to get around it but every junction we came to (had my mother in law in the car with me) we found the junctions closed. We stopped a passing police car and even they couldn’t tell us how to get around it to get home to Kent and it being dark we pulled in at the south mims services and spent 2hrs 59mins there watching the rats and foxes rummaging through the bins having used their services and got ourselves something to eat. We left just after 5am as the police said the road should b open by then and it was.
    Firstly I didn’t realise you had to pay in the services car park which you don’t unless you stay longer than two hours but I now have a charge to pay of £100 for overstaying for 59mins. I’ve appealed and they refused to accept. Came on to pay the reduced fee of £60 if paid within 14 days and found this site on scrolling down. Now I don’t know whether to pay it or not. I don’t really relish the thought of ending up in court or having debt collectors after me.
    My trip cost me a hell of a lot more than it should as I drove round for hours literally trying to find a route around the road closure but failed miserably having to refill with fuel.
    I’m furious – £100 for overstaying in extreme circumstances for 59mins.
    What usually happens if you ignore these notices? Would love to hear

    • BPCN

      I have ignored two notices and nothing has ever happened to me. I think it was a mistake for you to appeal, now they know there is a “live one” on the hook. I’ve NEVER heard of an appeal being accepted, ever; and I’ve heard some pretty exceptional circumstances.

      You’re right in thinking you haven’t cost the motorway services a penny, there are no “damages” that this company are trying to claim. What court in the land would award damages against you in this case? What cost have you inflicted on that motorway services? Remember, according to the law, they can only claim what it has COST them from your actions.

      There will be no debt collectors. They can only appear AFTER you’ve been to court and only then if you REFUSE to pay anything the court orders you to pay. It’s hugely unlikely they’ll try to take you to court, it’s even less likely they’ll win. And if they do and if you lose, pay them then, not a moment before. It’s not up to them to decide that you have to pay them, they are a private company, it’s up to a court to decide if you owe them.

  • Sunil Unnadkat

    I am coming from India and parking at Wembely Retail Market. Now I am in India. Please letting me know if I am in trouble for not paying the car parking ticket in two hours?

  • perdesi1

    The Parking Eye are sneaky organization. recently I went in Starbucks and parked my car in the car park and had asked the staff that I may be there few minutes longer is that OK? I gave my registration number to update the system. I had a meeting with a business woman who bought me the coffee so I did not have the receipt for it. The Parking Eye gave me the fine ticket £100 and not the other woman who had car parked there for same time. I was devastated being a victim of massive fraud recently— I had to visit the Starbucks again to ask them to send the confirmation to Parking Eye that I was their customer for the period that I was given parking fine ticket. They are ruthless, money making machine and more people complain or appeal better it would be — There is no easy justice in this world – so I sympathize with all people who had similar experience– do fight back- Perdesi1

  • B Cooper

    I just received a parking eye letter after parking at Wansbeck hospital on 31 Jan 2014, the ticket machine had not in use on the display, so it was not possible to purchase a ticket, I have put in an appeal through their website, I did not think to take a picture of the machine at the time, as other people visiting people at the hospital also could not purchase tickets. What are my options if my appeal as I expect just gets a bog standard rejection letter. B Cooper

  • Jackie j

    I have ignored all prev correspondence as other forums stated and now today I have received judgment for claim….any advice on further action ????

  • CMC69

    I have read many reviews on several websites about this parking charges stuff but not come across my case yet. I received a PCN this week and I was never in the said car park and have never actually driven my car to Newcastle where is the parking was suppose to be. When I looked closer at the photos, the car is actually an Audi A3, my car is an Audi A1. It looks like someone has cloned my numberplate, can anyone please advise?