Parking Eye have sent me a new Parking Charge Notice

I’ve been enjoying reading everybody’s comments on here and relaxing safe in the knowledge that my worries with the evil Parking Eye are over. Then the unthinkable happened. Another notice landing on my doormat.

The situation was identical. A parking charge notice for a car I had owned (but was never the registered keeper of) and sold.

I’m still not telling

Since the charge was issued before October 1st 2012, they have no legal grounds through which to pursue the registered keeper, only the driver. Furthermore, I wasn’t the registered keeper anyway, not now, not ever.

So I can relax in the knowledge that at the very least this won’t ever go to court. So I thought I’d give Parking Eye a quick call (01772 885800) and ask if they might stop sending me letters.

I spoke to Lauren. She was a perfectly nice person. But she was scared. A feint tremble in her voice told me that she was worried. Something wasn’t right. Like a hostage victim being told to assure her family that she was okay, it was as if somebody was watching over her shoulder with a gun.

Reading between the lines it was obvious what was really going on. Upon asking Lauren why she couldn’t stop letters being sent to me she told me that “The System” would only allow that if I provided somebody else’s name and address. The System is clearly some kind of giant automaton ruling over the Parking Eye serfs with an iron claw and death ray eyes.

Artist’s Impression of Parking Eye automaton – it does not feel

The System has but one goal – to write, print, fold, envelope, frank and post as many parking charges as possible and crush or intimidate all those who dare stand in its way. It is impossible for the humans who answer the phones at the evil lair of Parking Eye to question the machine, nor can they change its programming.

So with this in mind I had to consider Lauren’s responses the only ones possible given the circumstances. It is frightening that a such a machine can exist and cannot be controlled by human beings, who knows what might happen next?

This machine will continue to print and send me letters, with no human intervention until it crushes my spirit. It may or may not send a similar automaton back in time to illegally and deceptively obtain £70 from my past self. It may even attempt to obtain the money from my mother before my conception, whilst in the process itself conceiving me. I may already be the offspring of a mechanical maniac hell bent on extorting money from its own flesh and wires. Will it cut my hand off and leave me for dead if I fail to join it in its evil plan to rule the car parks of England? I don’t know. But it all has to be considered a possibility.

For now I’m considering my options. Perhaps a vote is in order.

  1. Completely ignore the letters
  2. Send each letter back to Parking Eye’s registered office
  3. Send each letter back to Parking Eye’s Chief Executive Andrew McKerney’s home address
  4. Go round and hand them to Parking Eye Chief Executive Andew McKerney at his home address so he knows what harassment feels like.
  5. Destroy the automaton with an electomagnetic pulse.
  6. Send them the name and address of a volunteer who will in turn send them another name and address until eventually they give them my address again and we start the whole process again. The Parking Eye merry-go-round. After all I don’t have to prove anything to them, and if it goes to court I could prove I didn’t own the car.

Leave your votes in the comments below and share this post on Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about the evil machine that is ruining these people’s lives.

Update – What Happened?

Short answer; nothing.

Long answer; absolutely nothing.

I ignored everything else and it simply went away. They didn’t issue court papers. They didn’t even send any more letters. If they think you’re a soft target, they’ll take advantage. Don’t reply, don’t appeal and don’t worry.

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  • Holly

    This website is very useful and many thanks for providing this information to all of us who have been affected by this company.

    I am looking for some advice. I am a member of DW Sports in Canterbury on the Maybrook Retail Park, to which as a member I get a 3 hours parking allowance.

    Last night, I arrived at the gym after work at 5.45/50pm and stayed until 8.40pm. I left and drove half way home to discover in a panic that I had left my phone in the lockers. I drove back in a fluster and parked at 8.50/55pm and frantically looked through the lockers for my phone forgetting about the 3 hours limit (N.B at this time of night the car park was empty). After 10 mins I found my phone and left the gym around 9.05pm. Totalling a parked time of just over 3 hours!

    My question is, because I left the car park before three hours, does that mean I will not receive a fine, or because I have gone over the total of 3 hours in one day does that mean I have £90 letter coming for me in the post?

    Do I call Parking Eye and explain about the situation now on 01772 885800? Or do I wait and see if I receive a ticket and then appeal? Do I have any grounds to appeal or is this a situation that is my fault and I have to deal with the consequences?

    Any advice would be much appreciated as I am concerned about having to pay nearly £100 for merely leaving my phone at the gym.

    Many thanks

    • BPCN


      Don’t worry about it. If they send a charge, ignore it. Don’t appeal, don’t call, don’t do anything.

      All the advice is here on this site and on various others around the net.

      They can’t fine you, they can’t make you pay.

      • Holly


        Thank you for your quick response. Hopefully nothing will come through and all will be fine. I can’t get my head around how some people make their money these days!

        Well, I will wait on tender hooks and no doubt be writing again in a few weeks!

      • Drew

        Hi, I’ve just received a parking charge for parking over the allotted time at Gallagher Retail Park, Bristol. I wasn’t aware there was a restricted parking time! How can the shops here justify this!? Don’t they want my business!! Is this legal and should I pay?

  • Navin


    This is a very informative website, especially against the rouges who’s business is to intimidate and fleece the law abiding.
    I have recently received their notice and to be honest, i was expecting. I parked in the hotel and i had a valid paid parking ticket before they got these jokers to monitoring their parking. To be on the safe side, i thought i would pay but then i didn’t have cash and they didn’t accept card. I was routed to the automated machine which asked me to register and my old phone’s keypad wasn’t working. I drove out, got cash and paid in about an hours time. I received their notice (which i hate to call, sounds official). Like you have mentioned, I did to be on the safe side dropped them a quick note saying that it’s incorrectly issued as i already have a valid paid parking ticket and to the top of it i have paid again and I would take as any future communication as harassment.
    Any comments? Was that the right thing to do?

  • Anony123

    Hi, I have read your blog and hope for my sake that this is all true. I am a disabled blue badge holder and apparently parked on private land controlled Private Eye several times. I parked in a disabled bay with the badge on show in a hospital car park and never exceeded the time if 4 hours stipulated by the sign. None of the pictures taken show the disabled badge simple the vehicle entering and exiting the car park. I have 6 charges altogether and I am not sure whether to pay it not as £360 on parking tickets for me is a lot of money. What should I do as the first must be paid by Tuesday otherwise it will rise to £100 per ticket?

  • Cymraes

    Ive just recieved my first parking eye ticket, and thanks to this website im gonna do nothing , I was going to appeal but it seams that i shouldnt bother.
    They were crafty in my case as they had two car parks opposite each other which had two different entrances. I went into one of the car parks to do some shopping in a particular shop then i went into the other car park to do my monthly grocery shop, I didnt excide my time limit in either car parks so i thought i was ok only to be shocked that they time you from leaving the main rd and not leaving the car park, which made me 35 mins over my 2hr stay.
    thanks for a great website

  • Taffy Girl

    I have just received a parking fine from this “company” and on the off chance googled it and found this website. The photos supposedly show my car entering an unknown junction at 8:06pm and another shows it at another junction “parked” with the driver’s window open at 8:35am. Apparently according to them I was parked overnight for 12 hours?? I drove to work at 8:10am arriving at 8:30am (probably covered by our cctv) so I could not possibly have been at this so called car park by 8:35am. I don’t make a habit of loitering in unknown car parks overnight as a single middle-aged female either. Thanks to this website I will ignore this notice and see what happens. I’m still smarting from having to pay a parking fine outside my own house while I went inside to pick up my paid for parking vouchers, a total of two minutes max.

  • viv

    I and my son have just received parking charge notices from Parking Eye for parking at Burton Queens hospital. We were visiting the hospital under extremely stressful circumstances with my sick husband. He unfortunately died at the Queens during the night he was admitted. We paid the parking fee from a machine that was extremely confusing to use, offered no time receipt, (you are expected to pay attention at a time when your thoughts are everywhere). Even through our stress, we correctly obeyed the rules and thankfully have kept the receipts. It is only through past experience with this incompetent, bullying company that I didn’t trust them. Others may not be so lucky. These fines were for two different vehicles, parked at separate times with a gap of a few hours, so probably there a going to be a lot more who will have received a letter from Parking Eye. The letter they send is intimidating and threatening. I am not going to argue with them, I am complaining to the Queens with proof of what they are letting happen on their property. This company are preying on innocent people, but to have permission from the NHS to do this across sick and worried people defies belief.