Parking charge notice received from Parking Eye Ltd

We recently received a letter styled as a “Parking Charge Notice” from a company identifying themselves as Parking Eye Car Park Management. You can see it here. I’ve removed identifying details of the car.

So what do we do about it?

Here are the basic facts.

  1. We weren’t driving the car. Not me or anybody working for me, with me or similar.
  2. We had sold the vehicle prior to the alleged offence, have an invoice proving as such and know who now owns the car.

Private parking charges are breach of contract, not fines or penalties

As this offence allegedly occurred on private land, it is not a crime. This is a civil matter. If it were issued by a council, DVLA or the Police then this would be different.

So their charge is based on contract law. That is to say they believe the driver of the car breached a contract which was made when they entered the car park.

The contract in question is that of “Don’t stay longer than 1 hour 20 minutes or we’ll charge you”. Without getting over the top with details, the land owner is then allowed to charge a driver in breach of this contract for the loss he or she suffers due to the driver’s overstaying his/her welcome.

The driver in question did overstay this welcome. They were there for just over 1 hour 30 minutes according to the timestamped photographs of entrance and exit.

So the letter received is not a fine, or a penalty; it’s an invoice. They are requesting money they believe they are owed. Now if I send you an invoice in the post for something you’ve never heard of, will you just pay it? No, and you shouldn’t and here’s why.

Only the driver and not the car owner or registered keeper is responsible

The law says that only the driver of a vehicle can enter into a contract by parking on private land. So if you lend your car to your mum and she gets a ticket like this, it is she who has breached the contract, not you. But of course cars are registered to keepers and not drivers and you’re more than entitled to lend your car to whoever you like.

But how do they get the details of who to send the letter to? The DVLA make a rather tidy sum each year by charging companies such as Parking Eye to access their records, in order to dish out these charges. That’s perfectly acceptable in the eyes of the ICO, the office that controls data protection. In fact when I spoke with them they told me it would be perfectly acceptable for me to pass details of the new owner on to Parking Eye.

So why didn’t I? Because I don’t have to. Legally, this private company, Parking Eye, cannot make me disclose information about the new owner of the car. Even if you are the owner of the car and you weren’t driving, they can’t make you tell them who was.

Update: This was true at the time of writing but things changed in October 2012. They can now hold the registered keeper liable if they fail to disclose who was driving. They still can’t force you to pay. They’ve just made the “I don’t know who was driving” defence a little harder to use. Read more about this here.

Can’t you contact parking eye and explain?

I thought I would give them a call. Unfortunately the number they provide is an automated payment hotline and their website offers no telephone number (Update – I did find a phone number, keep reading). The address they offer is a PO Box so I emailed Parking Eye and let them know that I don’t own the car and that they shouldn’t bother me again.

They offer the email address of [email protected] on the notice. Of course, I wasn’t appealing against anything. This isn’t the ICC in The Hague. I checked their website, and I sent the email to [email protected] and received an automatic response stating that if this was an appeal it would not be dealt with at this address. That’s fine, it isn’t an appeal.

I didn’t appeal, but it was unsuccessful anyway?

A week later I received a letter. It told me my appeal had been unsuccessful and I should tell them who the owner is and prove I sold it. This raised two interesting questions;

  1. If I sent it to info@ and not appeals@ and if they said they wouldn’t respond if it was an appeal, how did I make an appeal?
  2. Am I now being required to prove my innocence to a private company in order to be let off an invoice I don’t owe?
I sent a further email to info@ stating quite clearly the following:
  1. I have not and am not appealing anything.
  2. I didn’t have the car, this isn’t my problem, check the DVLA database.
  3. Don’t bother me again, I won’t reply.
Of course they did reply. They sent another letter telling me my appeal had been unsuccessful. The evidence I provided (none) did not meet the criteria (printed on £20 notes?) of the landlord of the site. So I didn’t reply, I did this instead, but I did email them the link. They said they couldn’t open it. They’ll probably have seen it by now.


Why have you sent this invoice to me?

It was surprising that I received this charge almost two months after the alleged offence occured. We always send the logbook away to the DVLA at the latest a week after we sell the car (we save them up and send them all together, saves envelopes and stamps), so why would DVLA still hold our details?

In fact, being a motor trader, we never register the cars in our names. We send away the yellow motor trade section or where we buy from other traders this is already done. The invoice received states:

Your details have been requested and provided by the DVLA as you are the registered keeper of the vehicle which has been parked without a permit; payment of the appropriate tariff; and/or overstayed the free stay period of the on the day in this private car park.

Yes it does say “of the on the day” on the letter. But after contacting DVLA to ensure they had received the logbook and make sure we weren’t registered as the keeper they told us not only are we not the keeper, we never have been.

So how did they get our details? I think this is where the two month gap comes in. Most likely, as the dates between selling the car and the offence were quite close, it was still registered to it’s previous owner. They send him the letter, he sends it to the garage he got it from, they send it to us and we’re supposed to send it to the new owner.

So what happens now, will it be court action?

I’m choosing not to provide the information they have requested. Mostly because of their your unsuccessful appeal approach, but also because if they check the DVLA database again, they will have the information they need. I’ve written two emails and one blog about this so I’m not giving them any more of my time.

There will be no court action, mostly because these companies have a terrible record. It’s hard to prove somebody was driving without CCTV evidence or similar. Even if they have that, how do they know that person on video is the registered keeper they’ve been invoicing (some say harassing).

Furthermore, how can a limited company be the driver of a car? The police and other legal bodies can force companies to disclose who was driving the car in the case of speeding tickets and other motoring offences; or fine the directors. A private company issuing invoices for breach of contract has no such powers.

So to sum up; Parking Eye have a contract with a person, who has breached that contract. That person is liable to a charge under that contract. But Parking Eye don’t know who the person is and have no legal way of forcing us to tell them.

Update: This was true at the time of writing but things changed in October 2012. They can now hold the registered keeper liable if they fail to disclose who was driving. They still can’t force you to pay. They’ve just made the “I don’t know who was driving” defence a little harder to use. Read more about this here.

So if you get a charge in similar circumstances, you know what to do. File it in the shredder. If you’ve had similar issues, let us know in the comments. I’ll keep this updated with whatever they do next.

If you would like to get in touch with Parking Eye their registered address is:

40 Eaton Avenue, Matrix Park, Buckshaw Village, Chorley, PR7 7NA. Be aware that there are also several accountants registered here and this may not be their actual working address. The parking eye phone number is 01772 885800.

What next…

Get the straight-forward guide to Private Parking Charges and why you shouldn’t pay them now for just £4. The guide tells you everything you need to know about how PPCs operate, the laws under which they do business and explains exactly why you shouldn’t pay.

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  • Julie Chadwick

    I have revived a ticket I was on the car park for 14 mins never left my car. I have tried to appeal sent letters. Tried to email it won’t let me wat should I do

    • achulinesh

      I am seeing this because i am going through a similar experience as i stayed in a car park for 13 minutes and they send me out a ticket for £100. I appealed and it came back as rejected and further i appealed with POPLA and now they also rejected my appeal.

    • achulinesh

      will you be able to tell me any details of yours, like what happened at the end and did you have to pay the fine or so..?

  • Chorley resident

    Julie like he said you should probably ignore it, seems they can’t really do much with that information. They can’t possibly have any footage or pictures of you parked there for any length of time and if they do their fraudulently claiming it!

    Ignore it and don’t bother appealing, it’s a waste of your time.

    • simon

      you should never ignore it, i now have a CCJ against me for ‘ignoring’ a letter i never got at an address i haven’t lived at for years.parking eye screwed me

  • faye

    i have received a fine from a+e at Sunderland royal hospital and i had bought a 24 hr ticket, was only in just ova 3 hrs, i appealed and copied and sent them a copy of my parking ticket and still nothing back from them and receieved a 3 reminder in a week from them this morning

  • mohammad

    what is the email address

  • AlanJ

    I’ve received a parking charge notice for parking at the Radisson Blu Stansted Airport, the difference is that I did pay for my parking and I have a receipt.

    So I rang the number on the penalty notice and it was an automated number. I then googled them an found your articles. Very helpful.

    I rang the number in your article but it’s no longer in use.

    I will obviously contact them and forward a copy of the invoice but I’ll also ring the hotel as they took the money and they must have done something wrong themselves. I will also request that they sort out the mess as it’s all their doing not seeing as I paid them.

    One thing that has crossed my mind though is the data protection act – how can DVLA give away my information like that? regardless of reason?

    One they mentioned on this notice repeatedly is the Protection of Freedom Act 2012. I guess that’ll explain why/how they’re allowed to obtain my details but as this problem is merely someone elses error I’m not going to go into this in any more detail. Just thought the extra information might be of use to your article.


  • Heather Young

    I’ve just tried to call the number you’ve given for Parking Eye and guess what? It’s no longer in service! What a surprise! I have received two of these parking charge letters, both times I was at a hospital appointment, parked in a disabled bay, displaying a blue badge. The first time I appealed against the ticket, this time I’m ignoring it. They can take me to court, I don’t mind, I’m not that busy. I have to return to the same hospital in two weeks and I know my appointment will last more than 2 hours. Looks like I’ll be getting another parking charge letter. Oh joy!

  • matty b

    This normally works for me 🙂 I have a shoe box full of parking eye rubbish. Harassment proof… well you never know!

    Dear Sir/MadamI am writing in final response to your claim for 21st April ‘2012’ in West Quay Retail Park Car Park supposedly due in relation to Parking Charge Notice 345846, issued on 21/04/2012.A ‘notice’ in law is synonymous with the word ‘offer’ (blacks law dictionary 3) therefore I reject your offer of contract although thanks for the offer.  A ‘notice’ is NOT a bill of exchange and this is a contract law/admiralty law issue, therefore I will conditionally accept your offer once provided with the following:Proof of claim, proof of authority and signed contract saying I agree to your terms. Terms and Conditions upon entering car parks are invalid unless signed for so please don’t insult me with a fraudulent response saying I have an obligation to pay because this will not stand up to any judge as proven in the past.You are probably aware Private Parking Companies rely on the law of contract as the basis for claiming and enforcing penalty notices. This differs from notices issued by police or local authorities that are issued pursuant to the Road Traffic Act 1991. The long established remedy for breach of contract is damages and the measure of the same is to put the injured party in the same position had the breach not occurred. Clearly, therefore in this instance there is no loss amounting to 60-00  as the parking is free. It is trite law (Wilson v Love 1896, Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre v New Garage Motor 1915 et al) that you cannot charge a penalty for breach of contract, i.e. where the sum bears no relation to the potential loss. I require proof that it was myself driving at the time of the alleged offence.  You photographed the car but unfortunately you failed to capture a mug shot of my happy face JAdditionally, the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulation 1999 and related Statutory Instrument 1999 No. 2083, in particular at section 5 states that unfair terms are:(1) A contractual term which has not been individually negotiated shall be regarded as unfair if, contrary to the requirement of good faith, it causes a significant imbalance in the parties’ rights and obligations arising under the contract, to the detriment of the consumer.(2) A term shall always be regarded as not having been individually negotiated where it has been drafted in advance and the consumer has therefore not been able to influence the substance of the term.(3) Notwithstanding that a specific term or certain aspects of it in a contract has been individually negotiated, these Regulations shall apply to the rest of a contract if an overall assessment of it indicates that it is a pre-formulated standard contract.(4) It shall be for any seller or supplier who claims that a term was individually negotiated to show that it was.(5) Schedule 2 to these Regulations contains an indicative and non-exhaustive list of the terms which may be regarded as unfair.There is also the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 that states in section 4 that:(1) A person dealing as consumer cannot by reference to any contract term be made to indemnify another person (whether a party to the contract or not) in respect of liability that may be incurred by the other for negligence or breach of contract, except in so far as the contract term satisfies the requirement of reasonableness.(2) This section applies whether the liability in question – (a) is directly that of the person to be indemnified or is incurred by him vicariously; (b) is to the person dealing as consumer or to someone else.Clearly the charging of £60-00 is wholly unreasonable.I have no intention of wasting any more time corresponding with you. If you continue to pursue the matter this will constitute an offence under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997.Due to the way in which you have harassed me in this matter, as well as the supposedly official nature of your alleged “PCN” I am considering reporting the matter to the police pursuant to Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970, that states, it is an offence to coerce another person to pay money claimed from the other as a debt due to under contract if he or she:(a) harasses the other with demands for payment which by their frequency, or the manner or occasion of their making, or any accompanying threat or publicity are calculated to subject him or his family or household to alarm, distress or humiliation;(c) falsely represent themselves to be authorised in some official capacity to claim or enforce payment;(d) utters a document falsely represented by him to have some official character or purporting to have some official character which he knows it has notAgain, as this is a breach of contract claim I am only liable to compensate you for ACTUAL LOSS. You have not suffered a loss of £60-00My reply and admin fee is £60-00 which is payable to MR xxxx.Any subsequent replies will be charged an administration fee of £100-00I look forward to your written confirmation that the ticket has been withdrawn.Peace.

    • Janice Holden

      This is an old post….is this still working for you?

  • Walshy

    Hi there, this week have received a claim form from Northampton county court after ignoring Paring Eye letters for parking over free period back in Dec 2012. They are asking for £150 to settle claim but I’m going to appeal……..

    • shaz

      please can you update me on what happened as I have received a claim form from Northampton County Court today for notice of proposed allocation to small claims track it doesn’t have a court stamp, not sure it this is genuine

      • Walshy

        Hi, ring the court to check if it is a genuine claim. I am defending my claim which is still on going.

  • Anthony Parkes

    Gone one better with parking, the wifes severely disable and cannot walk as well as she used to, I took her to do her christmas shopping during which we over stayed our welcome of 1hr 30mins my wife took two hours and seventeen minutes, If say she had spent only 20 to 30 pounds then okay we would have put our hands, but she spent a £130 pounds in one go then decided that there were other items that she wanted so she borrowed the money off me “having paid the large bill via her debit card which did not have enough money in the account to pay for the second lot of goods which came to nearly £70 pounds” total spent £200 quid, on the 1th October received one of their invoices, My missus is jumping up in the air so to speak and swears that she will never ever shop at aldis again, found the appeals section on the net couldn’t use it as it was that long the scanner couldn’t scan it, so did the postal appeal in which they want the receipts wrote the appeal out plus receipts then sent it on the 24th October 1st class signed for asking them to reconsider cancelling the penalty charge as my wife was slow in doing the shopping because of her disabilities, in all honesty I knew there was penalty charges for parking to long thus exceeding their set time limits, but come on she spent 200 quid in their clients shop, any I think that you have already guessed whats happened, yes I’ve received another demand for payment, the haven’t even wrote to me telling me about their decision, Thanks to this site I now have a telephone number, the other number given is for the automated service which does not allow you to talk to someone, they don’t want an argument on the phone hence no call centre number, I think that we should declare war on such companies and make them more accountable, Why they don’t have pay as you go at aldis where if you are in their shop buying goods they could then stamp you ticket over a certain amount which you could show when requested I don’t know, They could still have the penalty time in place as not many drivers exceed the time on their ticket, if they are running out of time they usually leave or go and by another ticket. the ticket could limited say to the 90 minutes as in the terms and conditions, I’m now going to phone I need to keep my cool which I’m finding it hard to do others they will just say rules are rules (which is an old excuse) and demand payment, This posting is a bit long and I appologise for it, Watch this space, posted date;30th October 2013.

  • Anthony Parkes

    Guess what, this number 01772 885800 for parking eye is not recognised, no joy there. I’ve seen another one somewhere else.

  • Anthony Parkes

    All phone numbers for parking eye do not work, I have just had a shocking when surfing the web, I have come across a page in which it says that the dvla have sold driver details list to out side parties they made 10 million pounds from the sale in which parking eye bought the majority, Parking unless it’s council are a civil matter, your not breaking the law just the terms and condition that private car park owners put in place, as I read on the web that we are entering into a contract and buying using the car we are agreeing to the owners terms and conditions,,……………….MY QUESTION HERE IS AS THESE COMPANY’S ARE PRIVATE BUSINESS’S THE DATA BASE AT THE DVLA COMES UNDER THE PRIVACY ACT, SURELY THE DVLA HAVE BROKEN THE LAW BY SELLING THESE LIST’S TO A PRIVATE, i THINK THAT WE NEED TO TALK TO THE MINISTER FOR TRANSPORT ON THIS SUBJECT, WHAT DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK, I HAVE NOW STOPPED GIVING PRIVATES TO ANYONE ABOUT MYSELF, WHAT’S OCCURRED HERE WAS FORECAST WHEN WE WERE FIRST TOLD THAT OUR DETAILS WITH THE COMING OF THE COMPUTER WOULD BE HELD ON A DATA BASE, NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOW THESE PEOPLE THAT THEY CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, THEY SHOULD ON BEING FOUND GUILTY BE BARRED FROM EVER HOLDING ANY SORT OF DATA BASE THE PENALTY SHOULD ALSO INCLUDE A HEFTY FIND PLUS IMPRISONMENT FOR THE ACTUAL OFFENDER, ANY IDEAS ANYONE.

  • Jason

    Haha. This website is just a front to flog an eBook for £4. There’s loads of free information on this and why you should just bin it and move on with your life… How many eBooks do you sell?

  • irob

    I parked at coventry walk in medical centre to take my aging mum. I stayed less than an hour. Later i received parking charge reminder for £70 for not having paid. I remember the parking occasion because it was raining hard, there was a queue at the ticket machine, i hadnt got my specs and at my turn i could not see the tiny keys on the silly little keyboard to type in my reg number. I paid the fee and got the ticket only to see i had put in the wrong number by 2 digits, 6 instead of 5, and M instead of W. There was no way to change the ticket so i displayed it as i,d paid anyway. Unfortunately i later threw away the ticket. I wrote this in an appeal letter but now just received a 2nd reminder. What should i do next? I think i should just keep appealing if i receive more notices.. what a crazy awful place england is becoming.

    • Ian hart

      Hi I have incorrectly entered my registration (MT10 – MT19) MT19 does not exist. I have a valid ticket and not exceeded the time limit – do I still have to pay the fee requested?

      • Tessa Carrington

        This happened to me, sent them a letter and proof of parking ticket. I paid for two hours and they said I was in the car park for 55 mins clocking me in and out. They said I did not put in the correct reg number, I only put the numbers in and not letters, as a good will jester I can pay £20.00 instead of £85.00. I even spoke to customer service, the girl was quite vacant and rude, she said if I put in a second appeal this will be on hold, but be warned if they don’t agree it could cost our £50.00. I have given in and paid £20.00 and thought to myself it could of been £85.00 just got to be more vigilant in future.

  • Barry

    I have received a Parking Eye invoice against a vehicle I own but was not driving. I know who the driver is, it was my son who parked in one of their monitored car parks which was at a supermarket. He was working there as an employee of the supermarket chain to help them out, it was not his usual store he had transferred for the day.

  • Hooms

    Thank you for all this information. We got a parking ticket for parking in a supermarket car park two weeks ago. We tried to pay the pay and display ticket and the Parking Eye machine kept rejecting one of the coins. After numerous attempts we gave up and left the car park. Surprise surprise a parking ticket came through the post. We logged on an appeal but got no acknowledgement email. Phoned the telephone number 01772450970 and found out that they do have our appeal. Phew!

  • IanC

    this number works 01772 450970

  • michmcn

    I’ve received a parking fine because my disabled mum, for whom I have a blue badge on the car, has limited moblity and took longer in the shop than the parking time allowed. I appealed and did not get a response – only a reminder. I have just submitted copies of the appeal letter and docs (incl copy of blue badge) and update of recent hospital info re mum, and am awaiting response.
    I feel I would rather be taken to court than pay the fine – it feels like discrimination against disabled/elderly and to be penalised for lack of moblity is, in my book, wrong!

  • Chandra


    I received a letter from Parking eye stating that they are charging me for unpaid part of parking. The letter also states that ‘the 29 days have now passed and the amount now payable is £100, this payment is required within 14 days to avoid further actions’. That sounds ridiculous because 1) they did not sent any letter before and 2) there is no proof (pictures, time in time out) at all. I am bit panicked as the letter says that they will issue court proceedings if I fail to pay within 14 days. I want to appeal or speak to someone at Parking Eye but there is no contact info. The appealing procedure mentioned in the letter is not very helpful. After reading few blogs online from other people, I see Parking Eye is very rude and not correct. Can you please suggest me on this, should I pay or just ignore the letter. Is it ok to ignore, I just don’t want to get into the court and all. I have some Visa issues already.

    • anon1

      Here is the Tel: 01772 450970

    • achulinesh

      Hi Chandra, could you tell me what happened at the end with your parking issue with parking eye. did you have to pay for it at the end or did you manage to get away with it at the end…?

  • Marky

    I had a ticket from these clowns, I checked into a hotel in Bournemouth, with free parking because I was staying there. They sent me a fine for £100. I rang them, told them I was a guest and parking is included. I also told them to ring the hotel and check.
    They told me, I had to do all that for them. So I told them, take me to court:-)
    It’ll cost them;-)

  • mick garry
  • Clark

    I had a parking charge notice that stated i hadn’t yet paid my fine even tho i didn’t receive a fine letter in the first place and then when i appealed the letter they sent back basically repeated what i already told them!

  • TimR

    Hi I am reading this because I was charged (actually my daughter was as it is her car) when I stopped at service station on the M6 because I was feeling ill and over stayed the limit.
    I did not read or consider there might be a charge as I was too busy being sick and waiting until I recovered to continue driving.
    My daughter got the letter and went crazy (19 year old’s fear of authority) so reluctantly I gave her the £60 cash to pay the fine (bill) on line.
    The letter said that the fee was £60 if paid within 14 days of the date issued 26/07/14.
    After this date it goes up to £100,
    Now on the 24th we get a letter saying the fine is now £100.
    Can’t talk to them as there is no telephone number for them. The number on the blog is now ‘invalid’.

    We will pay the £60 and see what happens.

    I have had a terrible experience in the past with a parking fine.
    I parked in a little car park in a village near Solihull and over stayed by 8 mins. When I came back my wifes mini was being loaded on a lorry.
    I said please take it off and I will drive it away and pay the extra.
    No they say you will have to ring this number which he showed me on the back of the ticket and pay £260 to get it back.
    I called and said I was on Job Seekers and had no way of getting that amount of money. They said borrow it because it goes up at £40 per day!
    I couldn’t borrow it and after a week it was another £280 more making it over £500.
    I called and asked to speak to the boss who simply said you will not get it back without paying in full.
    I went to the council they just said you shouldn’t have parked there.
    I went to the police said it was a civil matter.
    After six weeks they sold the car and said the car covered the cost of the parking fine. They also said I was lucky they did not charge me for their costs having to make new keys etc.
    I still have the keys but that is all I lost (or rather my wife did) the car and received no money.
    This was a few years ago but it still really wrangles with me how they are allowed to do this

    [email protected]

    • Janice Holden

      I cannot imagine how you must have felt….this is purely extortionate…so sorry for your wife’s loss.

  • john

    the email address on this site does not seem to work? i have tried from yahoo, Microsoft outlook both come back as mail error ?

  • Elaine

    Hi my husband paid for a ticket to collect me from hospital as I had been rushed in as I was basically dieing, needed blood transfusion etc. This was the 17/10/2014 (he paid for a parking ticket) He entered the carpark according to parkingeye at 11.54 and left at 14.03, 2 hours 10 minutes. He had to wait for me to be signed out by the doctors and collect my prescription, as I am ill I walk very slowly too. They sent the letter today stating; PARKING CHARGE AMOUNT DUE: £70.00 PAYMENT TO BE MADE WITHIN 28 DAYS OF DATE ISSUED: 22/11/2014 of course we do not have the ticket anymore! What makes matters worse is that I am on the sick from work so we really cannot afford this right now.

  • lizb

    My doctors have this parking eye in Coventry took my son there as an emergency and got zapped. I mean why should we have to pay to visit the doctor? I think thieves all a joke and these companies will do anythingbt get money out of you! Infuriates me!

  • leighton

    Parking eye issued me a fine for not paying the correct amount. So i appealed and asked how a young student is supposed to pay a ridiculous fine such as this. It was when the. Hospitals entered the new car park payment system. Either way. Off my appeal went. I heard nothing back, not even a letter saying it was successful or not. So i assumed the matter closed. I was mistaken. Today 18 months later i received a letter demanding payment in 14 days or in off to court. I don’t think so.

  • Lee

    My partner and our family went to Newquay for a few hours and paid for 2 tickets for both cars. A few weeks later, my partner receieved a letter from Parking Eye stating we had failed to pay and display a ticket for her car. We still have both tickets for both cars. We have not responded to them as we have been told otherwise as it was not issued by the local council. What do we do now ?

  • Parking Eye upset customer

    Hi All,

    I’ve managed to get hold of their phone number if anyone would like to call them (not advertised on their website). The number is: 0844 247 2981.

    Good luck with your ‘appeals’ folks!

  • Bob

    I have just opened a letter addressed to my house with my
    surname on containing a Parking Charge Notice for the sum of £60, from BackEye,
    the notice inside is addressed to someone that has the same surname as myself
    but not the same first name or in fact same sex. Their letter was opened in
    error as I reside alone and usually all mail with my surname on is 10 times out
    of 10 meant for me, this has now broken my 100% track record.

    I had to look at the letter to find out who to contact to let them know I have
    received this letter in error. I was surprised to find out there is no contact
    number, so I took to the internet to find out, on their site is the automated
    number to make payments, so with a quick bit of yahooing, sorry googling, I
    came across this blog, and thought I’d add my 2 pennies worth.

    According to the letter the registered keeper has moved from their previous
    address that the DVLA had sold to BackEye, and BackEye have approached a credit
    reference company that have sold them my address, they then list Experian,
    Equifax and Callcredit as their Credit reference agencies, with a note saying
    if I think my details have been obtained fraudulently to contact BackEye
    straight away, this being the reason I was looking for a phone number.

    I see people mentioning Data protection, at the moment I am sitting here with
    the details of someone’s Name, Address, Make and Model of car and Registration
    Number and 2 pictures front and rear of what their car looks like. Details will
    NOT be sold to the highest bidder.

    I like the bit in their letter that if I choose to ignore this they will pursue
    this matter through the county court. and further costs will be incurred such
    as Solicitor fee, Credit check fee and all court costs.

    Ooh what to do now, ignore them and wait for the county court costs to mount
    up, or go to the registered persons address and pass it back to her, maybe get
    in touch with BackEye to save them money on court fees or maybe write to all
    their Credit reference agencies to tell them they have sold bogus

  • Josh H

    Hey Guys
    Just received this letter in the post today. It’s probably the 3rd or 4th letter by now. I’ve ignored them for this long. Getting a bit panicky now. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Can I keep on ignoring?

  • Fatima

    Hi THE NUMBER YOU NEED for PARKING EYE IS 01772 450970 I GOT THIS NUMBER FROM THE BRITISH PARKING ASSOCIATION. Parking eye sent me a notice for a fine i had already paid so i called them and told them to close the case.

  • Heather Barlow

    My dad got one just for picking me up from work I was running late and he got a letter though saying he’s got to pay a £100 fine. I emailed them to appeal against it. What should I do? Help!

    • Janice Holden

      If you look back in this thread someone put together a pretty amazing letter of appeal….the post however is old…And I’m wondering if the law has changed any or if what he says is still relevant today.

  • stanley

    Hi all ive plagued and bombarded with with lodes off scam invoices from parking eye its up to £135 pound now for overstaying in a free car park this has been going on for 1.1/2 years!!! today i received a call from a depth collection agance from London mist the call so i no what to expect now? ive contacted parking eye to explain im not in a position to be able to pay both me and partner are in recipe off income support i did explain this to them they suggested a payment plan i suggested 50p a week
    that went down well with them all they are nothing but blood suckers/leaches
    and if they do deicide to send bailiffs to my beloved home they better come with wetsuits on


    I have received a PARKING CHARGE NOTICE from ParkingEye. I do not dispute that I overstayed but I am “distressed” by the amount of money they are asking me for. I received their demand on 11 March 2016 & emailed via their web site on the same day. To date [26 March] I have not received a response. Immediately after this I am going to “chase up a reply”, again, via their web site……(watch this space!!)

  • anon1

    I have just spoken to a real person at Parking Eye !!!
    For those still looking….This is it….01772 450970
    My case is so similar to most of you …. I won’t even bother relating it .But my comments I have to share.
    They conduct their business almost like some secret society. NO telephone given (only to make payment). NO direct email, only the one on their appeal form, to which they never reply. So you cannot prove that you actually contacted them…how convenient !!!!
    I agree with the person that said its time that the Minister of Transport took a closer look at these parking companys. I would like to know how many people have actually gone to court, and how many have just paid up….even though they were charged unfairly.

  • Lynn TJ

    I have tried fighting a ticket. I parked in Aldi car park and I collected for Marie Curie for two hours. The cameras ( I didn’t know where there) ‘caught’ me. I gave written explanation and they held the charge pending more information. I contacted the store manager who wrote me a letter which I duly forwarded. They have now written back the exact same letter asking for more info and held the charge again. The manager has told me not to pay it as they have his information and have failed to contact him

  • Guest on ParkFineorRipoff

    I received a Parking Eye fine. I had asked staff at Aldi how long I could park and they didnt have a clue. They thought it was 2hrs like most supermarkets. It wasnt. I checked around and couldnt see a set time and Parking Eye say if you check it says private land and you cant park there for longer than 1.5 hrs. Not long enough as most women like to browse. I paid by cheque and they sent me a 2nd letter on the same day 25th July so I checked with my bank who said it hadnt been cashed. The bank cancelled the cheque book. Now is the last day its the weekend. I came home and tried to pay over the phone but ParkingEye say its paid and they are not open until Monday. This system has been designed to flummox people and they rely on pensioners and the not so quick thinkers to cash in on. They are so heard to reach and no-one to discuss with. Needless to say I will not use Aldi Car Parks ever again….let this be a warning to other drivers!

  • Jessica Harbridge-Mclaughlin

    I received a letter from parking eye saying where i have ignored there previous letters they want £200 from me! but that is the only letter i have received and wrote back to them saying i will pay the first payment (which is around £60) and they wrote back saying i hadn’t been in contact with them and they now want £250. I cannot contact them and i am getting very frustrated!! – can anyone help? as the number stated in this blog doesn’t even ring.

    Thank you in advance

  • Tina Wolstenhulme

    I don’t see why we get tickets.

    I stayed in a car over the stated time. i parked right next to the light at the edge of the car park which there where no signs i could see. i was spending money in the facility not just dumping my car and leaving it. i have appealed and been unsuccessful. i have tried to contact them but can only ever find the number for paying a fine. i have emailed on numerous occasions but don’t get a reply.

  • Prince Singh

    Hi I have received a ticket from 6 Beaconsfield Road Southall ..cuz am going there after long time so I don’t no they will start charge there ! So 1 think more I been there night 7 o’clock I couldn’t seen ur pay machine cuz that day is too much Raining outside! So now tell me what should I do Cuz I don’t have AA time p…