Parking Charge Notice Received at DW Sports in Bury

I called Parking Eye to say I’d got a receipt for shopping at DW Sports in Bury.

I used the car park of DW Sports which apparently has a sign limiting customers to 30 minute parking. There’s a gym there, so go figure that one. I digress …

Having a photo of my receipt, I called Parking Eye on 01772 885800 (Thanks to

At first they said they didn’t have an email address, but I could attach it to their webpage when completing the appeals process. After saying I was responding to a letter after going through the appeals process, they then told me I could email them at:

[email protected]

They said you can use this email for appeals in progress.

Their website is registered at the address below, if you need an actual address to deliver paperwork to in person, rather than their PO Box number.

40 Eaton Avenue, Matrix Business Park, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 7NA.

This company are worth challenging.

Each appeal they receive will help to change their business model over time. Let’s hope they make notices in car parks clearer.

We can tell the retail customers (like DW Sports in Bury), who own the shops that Parking Eye monitor, that they are aggressively targeting the shop’s customers – to a point where the retailer loses business.

We can also lobby the directors to flag up anything we consider to be an unfair
business model –

If you’ve found this site, hurray – think twice is the best advice!