Parking At Lake Windermere

On the 14th August 2013 I parked in the Waterhead carpark in Ambleside intending to take the freedom of the lake cruise around windermere. I duly paid my parking fee and set off across the road to get my cruise tickets.

I had paid for 4 hrs parking thinking that this was enough as the lake tour is an hour each way I knew I had enough time.Unfortunately for me this was the point where everything started to go wrong. Firstly I lost half an hour queuing for the cruiser, and then I noticed it stopped at Bowness for an hour before I could get to Lakeside and the motor museum.

On finally arriving at the other end of the lake i realised that I couldn’t even depart to the motor museum because I didn’t have the time to get back to the car before my ticket ran out. My ticket ran out at 2.50pm and i arrived back at 3.05 pm to a half empty carpark.

I naively thought only 15 mins late, and never having parked in a Parking Eye car park before I didn’t know how mean they can be. I enjoyed the rest of my time in the lakes only to come home to a PCN telling me I owed them £100 for a total of 23mins over parking.

Needless to say this took the shine off my break and I will never visit Ambleside again.

I wonder if the local traders realise the detrimental effect this company is having on them.