Final Notice Received from Parking Eye

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Update 16th May 2012

Received a final notice today.

They aren’t going to just accept £50 now they say, they want £80. And if I don’t pay up soon they’re going to slap it up to £110!

So I’m a bit sick of all this now and decided to give them a call on a number I found (01772 885800).

I spoke to somebody pretty unhelpful. It sounded like a busy office so I called back again immediately and spoke to somebody else. I made it clear that I wasn’t the person responsible and that I wouldn’t like to receive any more letters.

I got some nonsense about automated this and automatic that. Apparently there is an automated machine that no human at Parking Eye can control. It’s sole task it to dispense letters until it receives cash in return.

Who’s governing these awful letter dispensing machines, and how long until they take over the planet, firing letters at stricken humans who dare stand up to their might?

 Listen, and understand. That machine is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead (or send some cash).

I was asked, politely, that I might ring the DVLA to get a letter from them and then send it to Parking Eye. I said “no thanks”. I stated I absolutely didn’t want to bother with any of that. Why should I? I’ve got better things to do (like write this?).

So in the end I was placed on hold whilst the helpful operator spoke to the appeals department. I made it clear I wasn’t appealing. She said that’s fine. I said let me speak to the appeals department. “They’re not on the phone”. Presumably she communicates with them via smoke signal or tin cans on a string. No she said they only take internal calls.

After a moment she came back and said that since I’d emailed twice they would cancel this. She said they’d send a letter to confirm. No more letters I had said already! Ok, just this one.

Leave a comment of your experiences with Parking Eye, did they treat you fairly or unfairly? Have you found it possible to contact them and actually speak to somebody? Or have you been fobbed off with the same template letters as us?

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  • Eddie Gee

    I’ve received a letter from them after staying over the two hours I now believe I had. I was unaware I would be penalised, and was shocked to receive notice that I owed them £90. I’ve read your experience with great interest, although my circumstances are different to yours. I feel £90 is an extortionate sum for parking an hour over, and I was going to just pay hour much it cost to park there hourly, what do you suggest???? Thank you.

    • Steve C.

      Just ignore all correspondence they have to prove who the driver is, dont tell them, they wont take any one to court as they can only claim lost income, the income from a free car park is nothing, its all a big bluff, I regularly overstay at car parks, had literally 50 of these letters and ignored every one, they just threaten and then give up, they get their money from frightening people into believing they have some legal powers, they have none, its a civil matter not a matter of law.

      • John

        They just sent me a court summons for £85.00 plus £15.00 court fee plus £50.00 solicitor’s fees – what now?

      • BPCN

        Go to the PePiPoo forums. Post your information on there and one of the lovely people on there may help you prepare a defence.

  • I got a notice from them when I parked in Bradford a couple of years ago. I just ignored everything I got from them as they don’t actually have any legal basis for asking for the cash anyway.

    I also posted the incident on my blog which received about 60 reads… and a take-down notice from their lawyers claiming libel. They actually told me the post *was* libellous, a decision I thought would have had to be made by a judge. In fact, the post wasn’t as it was pure fact and opinion much as your own. Unfortunately, current precedents state that the hosting company is liable, not the author, and I was forced (after 2 weeks’ notice) to take the post down.

    Not, however, before posting it on PePiPoo, and a friend’s US-based blog all of which are hosted with providers who know to ignore the request. I also posted a link to all three to replace my original posting. If my original post had been libellous, then posting links to it is also libellous – a fact their legal team also failed to pick up on. You know, along with the complete lack of libel in the original.

    After a week of cross-posting, my article had been read in excess of *6000* times. A significant jump and certainly a number I would never had reached had their lawyers not bullied me into taking down a perfectly legal piece of writing. After a month, it was getting into silly figures in the tens of thousands.

    In response to “Eddie” above – fella, just throw it away. They can not and will not chase you for the money. As long as it’s a “parking notice” or a PCN or any such nonsense, thet have absolutely no legal hold over you. They’ve taken something like 2 people to court over all these years and they haven’t won a penny. Check out this transcript from Scunthorpe County Court:

    I received, I think, three letters from them followed by one from their “debt collection agents” who act out of the same office!

  • Paul Miller

    Im having a similar problem with them, I was 11 minutes over the alocated time (not even in a car park bay, just driving within the Retail Park), but didnt leave before the time was up and the camera got my “car” as I drove out. I have appealed, but Im getting the usual auto response letters back.
    Thanks for their phone number, at least its a form of contact.
    I will keep trying to get it resolved.
    watch this space …..

  • I have just received my notice, I parked on aldi car park, did my shopping I was over an hour in the store, then had to pack my bags before returning to my car, went across the road to where my son was working to deliver his tea, the reason I had visited this particular aldi, came back realised I had forgotten something, went back in the store, had to queue again, returned to my car and not having had any lunch I had something to eat and drink, I appealed against the fine and explained the reasons for my overstay, have received a second demand for payment but no acknowledgement to my appeal, even though I have 3 days still left to pay the reduced amount. I sent a copy of my till receipt which was for £74.32 which for aldi is a tidy sum, I have sent a copy of my letter to aldi and let them know I will be returning to their other branch, correct me if I am mistaken but I am sure you get over 2 hours parking at asda. Has anyone out their had a similar experience at aldi trinity street, Bolton.

    • admin

      Don’t pay it Edna. They cannot prove any loss from your actions. In fact you can prove the opposite thanks to your enormous till receipt. Well over the Aldi average I would imagine. Just ignore them until they give up. If they don’t then let them take you to the small claims court and try to prove that your staying in the car park cost them anything. Don’t be bullied.

      • I just thought I would let you all know, that since receiving my second demand for payment, I have received a letter from aldi, they hope I appreciate the reason for the parking restrictions on their car parks, but because of their receiving a copy of my letter of appeal to parking eye and also a copy of my till receipt they have verified that I am a regular and loyal customer and have instructed parking eye to cancel the parking charge notice immediately, I have also received a letter from parking eye confirming they have cancelled the charge. WELL DONE ALDI you have secured my continued loyalty. I hope that if you have a genuine reason for over staying and a till receipt most retailers should accept your appeal, but obviously you need to send them a copy. Or am I being too optimistic? If anyone else has had a similar experience please let me know. Until then once again well done aldi.

    • Mr S Hesketh

      I have received a notice from Parking-eye demanding 70 pound or 40 pound if i pay before 01/01/2013. I regularly shop at Aldi There were loads of empty bays on the car park. We were 17 min over the limit this is a free car park and it was busy and we took a little longer going round the store. This was also at Trinity street. I’m going to send a letter to Aldi. Other stores at least give you 2 hours. It’s not as though the car was there all day.

      • Ms MacGillivray

        I have just received a car parking invoice too. I am a loyal Aldi customer and feel I am being penalised into handing over my money. I was in Aldi for 1hr 30mins. Then had to unpack etc., so it was 1hr.44mins I like to take my time and get m y shopping correct.
        I will send them a letter or in fact give the letter to them.
        Bye for n ow

  • David

    We have just received a £90 demand from parkingeye, from parking in Whalley car park king street for 37 minutes.
    We have our parking ticket purchased from the machine complete with car registration number printed on the ticket.
    The company phone number is not easily available however I found it on this blog, many thanks.
    A girl at the company answered, she was not very helpful at all, and gave little reason for a demand being sent when she was given the evidence over the phone. Interestingly she seemed able to see the info at her end ie reg number, time ,picture and ticket issued,. She just stopped the demand.

    So if you have mislaid your ticket, it seems all is not lost as long as you have a good memory and make things a hassle for them as much as its a unjustified hassle for you.
    Ps don’t expect an appoligy, as customer service seems to be as poor as the outrageous charges, £90 for 37 minutes get real parkingeye.

    • admin

      This sounds fairly similar to my experience. I had all the evidence to prove I was not responsible. But I refused to give it to them. They are not a judge or jury and have no authority, so I refused to be forced to prove anything.

  • Richard Rooth

    I received an ‘invoice’ after supposedly staying for 9hrs 30mins in a welcome break car park on the M11. I had to visit my 93yr old mother in the midlands, stopped for a coffee on the way up and again on the return journey in the evening. I have no monetary receipts to prove where I went. However surely the number plate recognition cameras caught me going out as well as coming in on the return? How convenient. A little too convenient for my liking, more like demanding money by deception. I am not sure what to do but I do not want to pay £110.

    • BPCN

      Did you use the same side of the services going in both directions?

  • jacqui collins

    just a quick post as i found this site really helpful – however i had already e-mailed an appeal to parking eye. To my amazement they have cancelled the charge in response to my appeal e mail with receipt and bank statement attached. it appears they they do read the appeals.

    • jacqui collins

      forgot to say this was also in an Aldi car park.

  • Graham Elwell

    I’ve just received one of these, and this is a contract hire car leased to us as a security company.
    These people have stated that we were in the Morrisons Solihull car park for 3 hrs 13 minutes on a Sunday morning, when I pride myself on getting in and out as quickly as humanly possible (normally 40 mins max!).
    For all you peeps out there please note – without a time a date stamp on the actual images that are contained on the ‘invoice’ (as opposed to typed above the pictures), this will NOT stand up in court.
    Without a time and date stamp, they are unable to prove the length of time you have been parked and a court will simply throw it out.
    I certainly shan’t be paying it, but I have written a very stiff letter to Morrisons about the ethics of the car parking company they have employed.

  • Vicki

    Wondered if you lot could help me I have just received a parking charge notice from parking eye for £50.00 if paid by Thursday. I overstayed my welcome in a Morrison’s car park in London by 35 mins and they want money from me but due to all these bad comments about them and they are scamming people am unsure whether to pay??
    They have got my car entered and leaving the car park and have pictures with times typed above them.
    What do I do?? Do I Pay it just to be on the safe side or do I ignore it. Really dont want any hassle…

  • That’s all very interesting. I went on a massage course at the ParkInn hotel Heathrow from the 7th til the 10th of September. All of us who drove there paid our daily charge to the hotel as they have a preferred rate and we all paid our £20 (I paid by card and even have a receipt). On the 14th, my husband (the car I drive is in his name) received a letter for ParkingEye saying that I didn’t pay the daily rate on the 8th September. I find this rather amusing as they seem to be perfectly happy with the other 3 days but not this one, which happens to be in the middle of the stay.
    I was going to ignore their letter,, well I have until now. However reading your blog I have decided to email them at the “info” address you provided and tell them to check their records a bit better and not bother me anymore. I will not send a copy of the receipt to start with as I am rather curious to see how they found out that the other 3 days were paid but not that one (allegedly). Will keep you informed.

  • Mark

    I have just received one of these fines because i parked in ALDI to do some shopping and forgot to enter my registration into the machine inside the store.I was in the car park according to them for 33 minutes and you are allowed 0 minutes to park in it,WTF.I still have the receipt to prove i was shopping in the store and plan on confronting the ALDI store manager regarding this.There is no way i am ever going to pay this,let them take me court i dont give a damn,scamming gits!!!!

  • mark

    Now the dilemma is to pay or not.I’m more confused and worried about follow up letters or being taken to court. Do I put up with more demanding letters or pay £40 to have it over and done with? We spent over £100 in the Aldi but then walked into town overstaying the 11/2 hrs by another 11/2 hrs. I also have a blue badge – does that cut any ice in an appeal?

    • Mark

      When i received my fine i went into the Aldi store the same day i got it and asked to speak to the store manager.He was not available,but one of the store staff took a photocopy of my fine and the till receipt and informed me this would be passed to the Aldi area manager who would deal with the company direct.I was told ignore any other letters you may get we will get the fine cancelled as you were shopping here.We will wait and see what happens.

    • admin

      Some advice I recently read on Pepipoo says that under the equality act disabled people must be allowed more time to complete their shopping. Perhaps useful for you.

  • Steve Wright

    Just joined your club. Looking over the comments, I will just let them keep sending. I wasn’t the driver and can’t remember who was!!!!

    • admin

      Steve, the new law enacted on 1st October allows them to seek damages from the keeper and not just the owner. Personally, I still wouldn’t reply or give them the time of day, they still have to take you to court to make you pay, and that seems very unlikely.

      • Steve Wright

        I can’t see how I can be in dispute with a company that do not give an option of direct dialogue. For all I know I am being scammed!

      • Steve Wright

        Just had a reply from Parking Eye. Apparently we put the wrong car reg in!!!! Don’t know why they need this. Anyway as they can’t win a case against me they have said that as a gesture of goodwill they are cancelling the charge. They have also lost a regular customer. Keep fighting guys.

  • Wend

    this has been very helpful as we received a final demand yesterday for car park in Newquay. we had kept our parking ticket we bought when we arrived. so i can now call this company to appeal.

    • admin

      Whilst you might want to call them I would not use the word appeal. To do so gives the charge a legitimacy that it does not deserve. Demands or not, they MUST take you to court to prove you owe them anything, it’s not your responsibility to prove you don’t. And as you’ve got evidence, it’s only going to cost them money.

      • Adhat

        Just recieved one of these pcn for a car I dont own anymore.
        I had sold the car 9 days earlier.
        I should have read here first!
        unfortunately i have emailed the appeals department stating I was not the registered keeper of this vehicle and a check with DVLA will confirm this.
        Now waiting for my reply…
        I can see this becoming a pain in the ass any tips would be welcome

      • admin

        Your situation sounds the same as mine. As long as you did all the relevant paperwork when you sold the car then you can prove you aren’t liable. But don’t be bullied into it, it isn’t your responsibility to make up for their laziness in not requesting the details from the DVLA again. I refused to tell them who I had sold the car to and sure enough they left me alone. They aren’t really interested in people who might cause them a problem, only the willingly gullible who cave in to their intimidation.

  • Adhat

    Thaks admin.
    I sold the car to a bloke at work, I have informed him that I recieved the pcn he accepted it was him etc.
    What really annoyed me about this so called charge is the letter I recieved today 01.11.2012 is dated the 16.10.2012.
    I recieved 2 letters today one with a stamp dated 30.10.2012 there parking eye letter didnt have a dated stamp but as I said above was apparently sent on 16.10.2012.
    This brings me to say that reduced rate of £54 is no longer available and £90 will be due as of tomorrow 02.11.2012.
    How does a letter take 16 days to arrive?
    Or as I believe is this some kind of scam they are now applying?
    Allowing 1 day for reduced payment! Giving me if I did own the vehicle little chance.
    Regarding the documents I recieved an acknowledgment from DVLA saying I’m no longer the registered keeper however it does not say what date,

    The letter saying I’m no longer the registered keeper.
    Is dated 17.10.1012.
    The so called invoice was on the 16.10.2012.

    Kind regards

  • John Rennox

    (Re Southport College Car Park 8/09/2012)
    Received numerous parking charge notices from Parking Eye have replied with emails and phone calls explaining that their machine would neither take the registation or the money,read the on site notice and rang the number indicated should you have any problems which was an automated message,followed the instructions which said if the machine was not working and no other machine available no fine would be implemented,have offered to pay the £4.80 parking fee for 4 hours (only stayed 3hr 53min)but suprise suprise all I get back is generic responces the latest a £90.00 parking charge notice discounted to £60.00 if paid by 30/10/2012.They don’t want any explanations just their charges which is where they really make their money.Still holding out. John R

  • nadine hart

    hi i received a letter from parking eye stating that we stayed 11 minutes over the 2 hour stay at barmouth, wales. i was really annoyed at this as it was 11 minutes which is not a long time, this happened due to a very big queue instore and crossing the main road took a while due to traffic, i paid the 45 pound they requested before they asked for 90 pound, howerver two weeks later i received another letter saying i hadnt paid so now they wanted 90 pound which made me very angry so i checked my online banking to make sure it went out my bank first, it did of course which made me even more peed off, so i tried contacting them to no joy only to get an automated service (now ive had the number off here someone will defo hear off me tmoz) i also received another letter saying final demand well they can final demand off because im paying nothing as ive paid which i wish now i didnt, reading all these comments above i am now going to leave a very nice email to parking eye before i ring them thanks people for the number and info 🙂

    • steve

      You should not have paid the £45, its a charge not a fine just ignore all future correspondence, they only get money by intimidation, you are not obliged by law to tell or give them anything, they can only take you to court via the small claims court for loss, the loss on 11 minutes of a free car park is nothing so the court will award them nothing,

  • Anna

    I just recieved an invoice from Parking Eye for parking in Newquay, which i paid £7.00 for the day. When now looking at the ticket the time is 12.30, which im guessing means our time to leave? We departed at 13.58 says “The Private Eye” Does anyone know the daily parking charges? Got charged £100…..well it is coming up to xmas got to get all our money in! Thank You great reading all the other stories you are not alone.

  • Stu

    Would appreciate your advice on this one –

    I got a Parking Charge Notice issued by our friends at Parking Eye. The reason it was issued is for –

    No Permit
    Parked in a No Parking area

    The situation was that I parked in a car park which I now realise is divided into two parts however it is arranged in such a way that you drive in through the area you are allowed to park in at any time and then turn at the end and drive out through an area which is restricted to Permit Holders only between 8am & 8pm daily.

    I have to say that since being issued the ticket and reading the signs I do understand the situation however in mitigation the area is not clearly defined and whilst the information is on an adjacent sign the most prominent part of that sign is ‘Pay & Display’ complete with a list of the hourly charges.

    Myself and a colleague parked in this so called permit only area and paid the appropriate hourly fee. We returned to our vehicles within the timescale of our previously purchased time. Our only crime was to have parked in the permit holders area much like the half a dozen or so other motorists who also had tickets on their screen had. I have no doubt this is a daily occurrence and a nice little income for the parking enforcement company.

    When we returned to our vehicles there were a number of empty spaces so in my view no loss has been incurred by the enforcement company or land owner for any other vehicles not being able to park in accordance with their permit due to us being there.

    What would be your view on this?


    • admin

      What was the date of the charge? If it’s after October 1st you can appeal to the new appeals body. It’s likely to be pointless though, it’s run by the BPA and they are a pretty spineless bunch.

      My recommendation would be the same as for most people, though it’s not always easy – just ignore it. Don’t open them or worry about them, put them in the bin. Let them take you to court if they want your money. You can argue your case there. Gather any documentary evidence you think you might need.

      Even if you go to court and they win, the costs are likely to be very small, probably smaller than what they are trying to claim from you. They don’t want to go to court because cases ruled against them are bad news.

      No point in appealing to their better nature, they don’t have one. They make their money by being hard with people. Everybody has got a reason, nobody did it on purpose, they don’t care one bit. With a council or police issued ticket you have a fair system of appeal and adjudication, there are checks and balances. With Parking Eye you appeal to them about a ticket they issued, and ask them to decide if it’s correct. What do you think the outcome will be?

      • Stu

        Thanks for the confirmation of my thoughts – Much appreciated.

  • Jemma

    Hi All

    I am really hoping you can help me.

    I work next door to a Marriott Hotel and our 2 companies have a rather good business relationship.Two weeks ago I was (wrongly!) informed by a colleague of mine that we were allowed to park in the Marriott’s carpark for a week, while part of our carpark was being re-laid. So i did. As it turns out this was all a lie and I have so far received 2 PCN’s from Parking Eye for £100 each and fear I may have more to come! (Both the PCN’s were for the same day – one was issued for the morning before I went out for my lunch break and the other was for the afternoon when I returned back to work after having my lunch break)

    Please can someone let me know what is the best thing to do? I cannot afford to even pay these 2 PCN’s let alone a whole weeks worth at £200 a day! (Our carpark is now finsihed so I have now stopped parking there, but I still parked there for 5 days last week)

    I feel very foolish and know this was only caused by my own stupidity but I am really hoping someone on here will be able to let me know the best way to tackle this.

    • admin

      For your ease of mind, as you seem quite worried about all of this, speak to your manager/owner and to somebody at the hotel next door. If your relationship is as good as you say they should be able to get Parking Eye to stop harassing you. Remember that it’s Parking Eye acting on behalf of the Marriott and if they tell them to leave you alone, they must.

      You’re better off not contacting Parking Eye though, let them take it all the way to court and then try to secure the money from you. Don’t just pay them on the speculative basis that they are allowed to make these charges (there are numerous arguments for why they are not enforceable).

      The most likely action is that they will eventually give up. They might try and take you to court, if they do they are more likely to lose than win, especially if you arm yourself with facts. Don’t try to contact them and expect them to let you off with only paying one, they won’t and if you contact them it makes it more likely they will try to pursue you. If it was before October 1st they need to prove you were driving the car. If it was after this, then they can pursue the keeper if they can’t provide details of the driver.

      You should also find out under which term you are being accused of breach. Is there a time limit? Is there a condition it is for patrons of the hotel only? Was the car park otherwise full? Did you cause a loss to Marrriot hotels from your actions?

  • fiona hunter

    Got a parking notice from the wharf Walsall but after watching Martin Lewis decided not to worry about paying the amount stated.If the machines are so fantastic why not check through them and see that I did pay the required amount but unfortunatley put the wrong registration in as my car is being repaired.I think its awful that these companies pray people and try to frighten them into paying!!!

  • I have just received a PCN from Parking Eye. I did not park my car in Aldi Retford but I do know who the driver was. This is a free one and a half hour parking limit.
    The PCN clearly shows my vehicle registration number as ANPR`s control entry and exit. No notice was fixed to my windscreen during the parking time. The car was parked for one hour and fifty five minutes. The most expensive parking fee in the council car parks for two hours is £1.20. As the registered keeper I do not mind paying the “loss” incurred by Aldi or Parking Eye . But as the car park is free they have no loss, and I am told the car park was half empty. Do I pay the demand for £40 within 14 days or £70 within 28 days or wait and see if I am a test case in court.

  • Val Fieth

    I keep getting a £100 fine demand for parking over 5 hours because I was at a conference. I had keyed in my registration number on arrival. Missing the first R. I sent them a list of delegates which, of course, included me, and asked that they return it, which they have and still demand more evidence, like a receipt. It was free and all confirmed on line. I don’t do phones because I am deaf.
    I will not do any more and wait for a court summons.

  • Angie

    Hi, I have just received a parking charge notice from parking eye from parking in Maybrook Retail Park in Canterbury. It says I parked for 18 minutes over the 2 hours limit…..There’s one problem, I have received this letter just over 2 Months from when it actually happened, so am being asked to pay £120 as the reduced price of £60 was if i’d paid before 20th September!!!….Bit hard to do 2 Months down the line! It also says that they have sent a previous notification (something I never received)
    On this retail park, it has an M&S Food, Halfords, Maplins, KFC and DW Sports Leisure Centre! Luckily, I can remember this day, as I have a disabled child who was having a particularly bad day, as it was in the run up of going back to School and he was quite stressed! We visited Halfords and Maplins to browse at a few things, M&S Food to get a few bits and ate in KFC! Obviously, being the same week as all the kids went back to School, meant that everywhere was heaving, so getting in the car park was ok, but finding a space took some time and the shops were busy too!….I just feel so angry at receiving this for being there 18 minutes more than the 2 hours, but i’d like to see them do it all with a disabled child in tow!…..So what do I do??….I don’t have a blue badge, as my child is not physically disabled, but he is registered disabled and things take alot longer to do unfortunately! 🙁

  • BPCN

    Angie, don’t pay them whatever you do. There was some talk on other forums of the Disability Discrimination Act applying to these cases. Under the DDA you need to be allowed more time to complete your shopping. Best case is just ignore it and they will go away eventually, I received another from them this morning and I’m not panicking.

    If you want to try to call them and quote the disability discrimination act that will probably light a bit of a fire under them too. But I would recommend ignoring it. The more response they get from you the more likely they are to try further measures.

  • Angie

    Thanks BPCN, that puts my mind at ease a bit….and i’ve been reading up on other forums about this company too…..All saying not to respond! Just getting a response from someone has helped, so than you! 🙂

  • Lisa Satherley

    Hi have received numerous letters from parkingeye about parking charge notice. I stayed 12 minutes over in Blackwood Retail Park they have asked for evidence i Supplied but still say not good enough for them. Dont know what to do know any ideas.

    • BPCN

      They will almost always say the evidence is not good enough for them. If you’ve contacted them to provide evidence it’s because you believe in the validity of their claim and their process, so why would they accept your evidence? You legitimise the claim by responding to it. Ignore the rest of the letters. Was it pay and display or free? If it was pay and display write a letter offering to pay for an extra hour. If they refuse that you have acted reasonably and attempted to offset any loss incurred. If it was free they’ve lost nothing anyway.

  • Rij

    Hi Guys, got an Issue.
    Today i got a parking fine notice from ParkingEye. My situation was. I did pay the parking and the correct amount- but that day I was driving a courtsey car (as my car has broken down) and instead of putting my courtsey car Reg number, but by mistake( due to habit) I entered my own car number.
    Any suggestions on what I should do? pay or not to pay. Do not have the parking ticket- but I assume they have all the details.

  • Help!!

    Hi Guys
    I have received 3 letters from Private Eye after parking in a Car Park in Blackpool, I was 20 minutes late back, The letter said I had to pay £60 but I ignored them and now I have received another letter saying I now have to pay £100, I am really worried about this as it is coming up to Christmas and I am a bit skint. I dont know wether to ask if I can just pay the £60 but it was £3.00 parking ticket so it seems alot of money to pay for being 20 minutes late.

    • BPCN

      You’re quite right, it is a lot of money to pay. Certainly not commensurate with actual loss from your actions. If you’re going to offer anything, make it the cost of 20 minutes parking. If they refuse that, then continue to ignore them.

      • Dave Pearson

        Firstly. Was the car park patroled by wardens or your registration number taken by Number plate recognition camera.Wardens will have taken several photos of the car, the cameras , one on entry and one on leaving.
        I ask this a I am in a similar position and refuse to name the driver of the company car that is registered in my name. The number plates are the same as mine but do not prove that the car was “mine”.
        I have visited the Aldi carpark and to be honest the small print on the signage is too small to read. The signs are about 8 feet from the ground.If I am taken to court I will ask them to prove that the vehicle in question is my companies vehicle, and also show the driver, which is not clear on ANPR picture. The loss incurred by the carpark owner is small and the Parking Charge is disproportionate with that loss. The losses incurred by Parking Eye are losses that they have created themselves.i.e. £2.50 to DVLA to obtain registered owner details, which may at some poit be challenged in court re the Data Protection Act Details should only be released for a “just cause”. No injuries ore property damage which I would consider just cause. I am going to stick it out and continue to ignore the notices that are not delivered by recorded or registered post. And no i did not park the car.

  • Julie

    I have just received a parking ticket for £85 discounted to £50 if paid in 2 wks from Crown point shopping centre in Denton.This is a free car park but they’ve recently put up signs to stay no longer than 3 hours which I genuinely have never seen before,went back today & signs are all over but must be pretty new.I stayed all bloody day & spent £3 cash in birthdays shop.Do I pay it??really scared never not paid before but think its such a rip off,I am a genuine shopper there.Tried to pay via phone & another £2.95 processing fee so was gonna do it online & found this site.Please help

    • Mo

      Hi Julie I am a genuine shopper too at Crownpoint in Denton, and the same thing happened to me. I was there all day a couple of weeks ago. I never noticed the signs…so I don’t think they are clearly displayed…and why would I even think of looking for something which has never been there before?…anyway are there any machines to pay if you do want to stay for longer than three hours?..I didn’t see them either!..I received the same fine as you did and for the same amount..what did you end up doing?

  • Dave Pearson

    So far I have received 3 letters and I have ignored each one. I have not read them in full but did notice a sentance which read. Legal action may be taken.
    So I am waiting to see if teh “may ” turns out to be a “will”

  • Angela

    I parked at Aldis in Ramsbottom meaning to shop there then leave my car for the 2 hours free parking whilst I went to other shops and then return for it.
    Unbeknown to me the parking at that store is for 1 hour only. There are signs but I didn’t take any notice of them as the Aldi where i usually shop is 2 hrs limit.I had my 13 year old son with me who has had walking difficulties since being in a coma Oct 2012 and has ongoing breathing difficulties. Any trip out with him ( if I can get him to leave the house in the first place) is arduous and takes time.
    We got a bite to eat in Ramsbottom and I drove home just over the ( what I thought was) 2 hour limit.
    Over a week later I receive a letter from Parking Eye stating I can pay £40 for effectively overstaying my welcome at Aldis. The letter meets all the legal requirements and has photos of my car entering and leaving.
    The general consensus is ignore them and don’t pay, taking the risk of court action. I’m my sons carer and had to give up my career after he had cardiac arrest at 10 so we are reliant on benefits. £ 40 is a lot of money to me these days… Is it wise to ignore it, given the fact I could end up paying more? Or are the odds against this so low I shouldn’t worry?

    • freemanontheland

      Hi Angela.

      First I am sad to hear of your sons condition. As other replies on this post have stated that under the disabilities discrimination act you are allowed more time.

      Second this is a contract. When did you agree to enter into a contract with them?

      Answer you did not

      They have no legal recourse to demand anything from you.

      Look up free man on the land.

      • Katie

        Angela did you pay the fine? My husband and I have just got a fine from Aldi in Ramsbottom and don’t know whether to pay.

        The store wasn’t even open when we parked there!

  • Nicola

    Hi, I received a PCN from Parking Eye in October last year and ignored all correspondence from them as per Martin Lewis’s advice, but have since received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd requesting payment of £150!!! The initial charge was £60 for outstaying my free 2 hour parking by 48 minutes, the fee then went up to £100 if not paid within 14 days. I can’t believe that shopping with a toddler and all that entails warrants a parking fee of £150 especially as there were plenty of available parking spaces.
    Anyway, now I’m panicking that I have followed the wrong advice – please help! What should I do now?

    • aqss

      The same thing has happened to me. I had stayed in a retail car park for more than the 3hours allowed and upon ignoring the letters have now received a letter from the debt collection company. I dont know whether i should carry on ignoring or write to them ?

      • Roze

        I was over my limit at Parking Eye too. I ignored all my letters as I was advised to. Now I have a debt recovery letter and I am really panicking. Do I ignore this letter too? They are asking for £135. It was £50 before

    • roverT33

      Don’t worry about it Nicola. It Isn’t enforceable as you have not been to court and only enforceable In Law.

  • P A’rking invoices-lol

    The top and bottom of all of these invoices is not to pay them!

    Let them take you to court if they are so certain they have a water tight case!

    Spend your money on a parking charge piss up instead!

  • Roze

    I was over the time limit with Parking Eye , in Bradford. I got a charge of £50? I ignored all correspondence as I had been advised. Now I have got a debt recovery letter and they are asking for £135. Do I ignore this letter too?

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  • Rebecca Robertson

    I recently got a parking charge notice of Parking Eye for parking in Bolton in one of their car parks. I stupidly didn’t think to google the company I just went straight to their website and made an appeal. The car park I parked in was a pay and display car park but the shutter to one of the pay stations at the front of the car park were down and it was shut on the way out as well. On the way back I realised that it was a pay and display and ran around like a mad woman trying to find a ticket machine. As I ran to the sign that said pay and display meter, I got round the corner and the sign was pointing to an empty wall!! Me and my parents looked everywhere we could and couldn’t see anything, as my dad is very poorly we eventually gave up and just drove away.

    My appeal was unsuccessful and I also rang them and was spoken to by a narky woman telling me that the car park in question had 4 pay and display meters – I would like to know where!! Surely they were hidden around the car park!! She told me I could do what I wanted but would be made to pay £100 when my days were up for the ‘discounted’ price!

    I told her it was scandalous, I had the change for the meter in my pocket that I would have happily paid! But now I have to pay £60/£100?!?!?! How is that moral??

    So what should my next steps be????…… I’m a little frightened to ignore it further, I’m only 21 with a very good credit rating and don’t want to end up in trouble!

    • Lucy

      Rebeca, you are right, this is scandalous! a fantastic way for robbing people! this is a “company” that is taking advantage first, because most people is honest! and they get afraid of being taking to court. This company is the one that should to be taking to court, for harassing, intimidation and extortion. I have never signed a contract with them! and you neither! do not give them a penny, do not be afraid of going to court, and sue them for intimidation and harassment!

  • Sharron

    I’ve just got one today demanding I pay £100.00 for overstaying my welcome which was apparently 2 hours and I was parked for 2hrs and 54 minutes the annoying thing is I was using the scops there I was in one store almost 2 hours I’ve sent an appeal with a photo of a receipt but I actually am really worried as I can’t pay the fine I simply do not have that kind of money and I don’t have a credit card I am so worried about this and what might happen. Can anyone help advise me what i should do.

    • lynne Pedley

      I received a an invoice saying I had overstayed my parking time by 10 minutes in a B&M car park in Belper , Derbyshire. I also met a friend who had parked there too and to date she has not received a letter concerning the overstay as we both left together. I object to being ordered to pay £100.00 or £60 if paid in 14days for a 10 minute overstay. I am a pensioner and don’t have that money to spare to pay bullies who think they can frighten you into paying them with these demands.

  • James Wilson

    HELP! Here is my situation: I parked in a free for 2 hours car park and over stayed by 27 minutes. It is Parking Eye Ltd. There is a photo my car at the start and end of this 2hr 27 window. I do not have any receipts for the retail park. Can I just ignore these? The loss the car park is surely 0 if the car park is free. Even if I offered to pay them 27 minutes of parking…. £0.

    I am willing to ignore all letters. My only question is – how much can it cost drivers if it went to small claims and some how I lost? Hundreds??

    • Rob Bernstein


      I did the same thing. I was really ill and had to come of the motorway and parked in a service station. I have tried to stand my ground and appeal. Currently have a county court claim standing at £165.00 – still considering whether to defend this!

      • BPCN

        The best thing to do is to never reply and never appeal. You’ve effectively admitted you breached the contract. They don’t care if you’ve got a headache, a severed limb or anything else. Replying just lets them know you’re a responder and worth pursuing. As you’ve already received the court papers there is not much point in rolling over at this stage. If you ignore it you will have to pay it all. If you challenge it you still have several arguments to make. First and foremost is that of actual losses. If the motorway services car park wasn’t a pay and display type it’s very difficult of them to prove any real losses. My recommendation would be to visit the PePiPoo forums, somebody there may well offer to put together a defence for you. Best of luck and let us all know how it goes.

  • shopper

    Wow. Parkingeye are in the process of taking me to Court . I intend to contest this parking charge all the way . The site is Preston Retail Park near to Preston train station. Has anyone one else had run ins with this company on this site? As luck would have it I kept all my receipts from last year when it happened but did not know that I had been charged as I had no letters from the Company to say I was being charged. They are saying that they have sent three letters to my address and because of no reply to them had started Court proceedings. Stay tuned to find out how this unfolds .

    • Maggie

      How did you get on are they still taking you to court? We have just had a letter threatening court action.

    • su

      In the same boat! Any advice?

  • Maggie

    We’ve had a letter threatening to take us to court. How likely is this. Our situation is that 3 of us met for a meeting and they say our appeal has been refuse. Our friends who were with us have been let off so we were hoping that for that reason they wouldn’t persue. We don’t want to end up with a ccj or court fees

    • BPCN

      It’s pretty unlikely though as you’ve already ‘appealed’ I’d say that increases the likelihood. I’ve ignored two and never had a problem, there are people who have ignored many more and never been to court. True court stories are pretty rare, but have happened. You need to be aware of a couple of things. Firstly, you can’t get a CCJ unless the court rules against you AND you don’t pay. If you lose and pay up then you have no CCJ or record against you. Court fees aren’t actually all that much money anyway; much less than people think, they can’t claim legal costs either through small claims.

      Secondly and probably most importantly you need to forget your actual situation or extenuating circumstances. They don’t care. The court doesn’t care. All that matters is the law and it’s pretty sketchy around private parking tickets. You’re refusing to pay because the “damages” claimed have no bearing on the actual loss incurred by the landowner. You are refusing to pay because the penalty charge is “in terrorem” and so not enforceable under contract law.

      Don’t be bullied or intimidated into paying, it’s their only real tactic – their court record is very very poor.

  • Sarah

    I am a same day delivery driver for TNT and had to drop 3 large parcels at the reception of the radisson blu hotel just next to Stansted airport. I pulled into the car park, found the right person to leave the items with and left 16 minutes later. I received a PCN for £60 (if I paid within 2 weeks). I wrote a letter of appeal but haven’t had a reply. I’ve just got a PCN reminder today. What should I do? Thanks!

  • Jane Mueller

    I have received a parking charge from BPA from when we popped into an Aldi store in Preston. there is no way we were there for more than 30 to 40 minutes and parking was free for up to an hour and 20 minutes. The demand I have received clearly shows my car and registration entering the carpark, I have a 54 plate VW polo with distinctive headlights. The photo of me apparently leaving is a totally different car, different headlights, badge etc, it looks more like a KA or Renault Clio but they have photoshopped my car reg on to it (at a wonky angle at that)
    I’m tempted to pay the thing just to make it go away but really, why should I when they are so blatantly demanding money with menaces?

  • Singer

    I have just been shopping and overstayed the car park by roughly 15 mins. I realised this while shopping and went and moved my car out of the car park. Then came back to meet my partner and purchased a ticket for the overstay. If i receive a letter about the overstay i’m guessing i can argue that i have paid something?? but just 20 minutes too late??? suggestions please?????

  • Raymond Monaghan

    parking eye are just a bunch of unwashed sewer rats .there is now 4 of us going 1 to each hospital car park to get people to sign so we can get these sewer rats closed down .and i think every one should stand up and take action now

  • Mia

    My boyfriend has just received a letter stating he has breached the terms and conditions at Welcome Break London Gateway, and is being charged £100 for it, but it doesnt state where he was parked, or the date and time, any advice?

  • Mand

    I have just received an £85 – PCN for parking in Pavilion Square in Scarborough – they say that I was 4 mins over – I believe I paid for 4 hours. However, this is the total time going into and out of the car park – not from when I purchased my car park ticket (which I don’t have – I didn’t realise that I would need it). I’m a single mum and was sorting out my 5 year old both on parking and leaving – so I don’t think I actually went over the 4 hours that I paid for. I’ve just sent an appeal – even after reading this site – I would have been too frightend to ignore it. It seems that I may never receive a reply from the appeal – does anyone have any details of the POPLA service? Or what happens if one complains to any of the company directors? I will continue to worry about this until it’s resolved. It is so very unfair.

  • Alan

    Was fined £70 by this villainous company or pay £40 if I pay within 14 days. I parked in a drop off zone at Hartlepool General to drop an elderly relative off for an appointment. I drove out of the hospital grounds within the allotted 20min time slot. I returned a few minutes later and parked in a drop off point in a totally different part of the grounds and collected my aunt within the time allowed and drove away. I then received the fine in the post saying I had exceeded my allowed time. I have written a strongly worded appeal letter with no intention of paying anyway and will consult with my solicitor if it is not revoked. Nothing but a set of thieving b.,;:-“s.

  • nick

    ive just got a ticket my experiance was i was dropping my boy off to a paint balling xmas party on route was a macdonalds which was in a retail park -we drove in went to the drive through this was 8.50 am drove out of the retail park at 9 am i then dropped my son off at his xmas paint balling party at 9.30 and then went to work im a debt collector -at 2 oclock i was on route to pick my son up as ive had no lunch,- i decided to go back to the macdonalds in the retail park got my self a big mac meal at the drive through was there for 5 to 10 mins at the most 9 days later i got this parking fine for £60 through saying ive been there since 8.50 am a total of 5 and half hours , obviously the machine has a fault a big fault ive just laughed to my self and appealed -let see what they say as i can get statmenets from all my customers i saw that day to say i was somewhere else when my car was parkd there

  • Deano

    I can’t believe I have had to appeal to Popla. I tried to get a parking space at the Southampton Quay car park and eventually missed the meeting I was supposed to attend. I have a colleague who can confirm this. All Parking Eye sent was a photo of my car entering and leaving the car park property. It doesn’t even show me parked in a space. I spent the whole time driving around the car park. What can I do to ensure a rightfully successful appeal?

  • Sophia

    what happens if you have a letter from county court asking to pay? Do I have to pay to avoid ccj? I have ignored all letters from parkingeye on advise from everyone who’d run in with them. Now I do not want a ccj on my spotless record! Help anyone?

  • geoff Simpson

    How can I prove I have paid … or how can they prove I have not paid !!!

    Without going into the finer details can anyone advise me on my situation …
    I parked legally at 1425 hrs 9th December 2014 in the North Tees Hospital visitors car park managed by the ParkingEye car park management company.

    On leaving the hospital the at approx 1509 hrs some 44 minutes later I entered my full vehicle registration into the parking ticket machine as instructed and it displayed a fee due of £3.00 (which covered me for 12 hours parking) … I fed in 3 x £1 coins into the machine as instructed which the machine accepted … but no ticket/receipt was issued. Just wanting to get home I was not bothered about having a ticket …. because under the new Camera Vehicle Identification System … no ticket is require to be displayed or needed to pass the old barrier system … so end of story I thought … but on the 16th December I received through the post a Parking Charge Notice demanding £70.00 for failing to purchase the appropriate parking time.

    So basically they are saying I am a thief who did not pay for the service they provided … where do I go from here … surely these machines record who has and who has not paid !!!

  • keith

    quick question i recived a parking eye charge for being a minute and a half over the 20 short stay do i pay or should i leave it if any one can help me thank you

  • Zoe

    I received a ticket it was my address NOT my name and not my registration not my car. Now they are pursuing me for £100 because I ignored their 1st letter.

  • Disgracio

    Hi. I recieved a parking notice from Parking Eye relating to staying longer than the 15 minute free drop off at Holiday Inn, Glasgow Airport in January 2016. I should have just ignored it as;

    1. I don’t own the vehicle in question.
    2. I’ve never hired the vehicle in question.
    3. I’ve never driven the vehicle in question.
    4. I’ve never been to the drop off area in question.
    5. The ‘proof’ supplied by them is simply 2 out of focus pictures of a number plate with a date/time stamp.
    6. Their demand that I provide the details of the driver has no basis in Road Traffic legislation.
    7. Their assertion that they obtained the registered keepers details from DVLA was false.

    I completed the appeal form online with the aforementioned information and informed them that any further letters of intimidation would simply be put in the bin as this incident simply didn’t relate to anyone at my address.

    I February I recieved a letter giving me 28 days to pay the ‘outstanding fine’. It was filed in the tray marked ‘bin’.

    On 5th April I recieved a ‘Final Notice’ letter dated 29th March stating I had 7 days from the date of letter (already 7 days by the time it arrived!) to pay a ‘fine’ of £100 or further action “MAY” be taken.

    It will be joining the other letters….in the bin!

  • Lisa Harvey

    Hi I had a letter sent to me stating I had not paid enough for the time I was there ,I had kept the ticket which stated I had paid enough money for my stay and did not stay the full amount . I have now had another letter stating out of kindness they will charge me 20.00 as I did not put my full reg in of my car now so now it’s something different again this happened a wharf shopping car park in walsall any ideas what to do and if anyone knows if it is full reg no for this car park thanks Lisa