English only please for Parking Eye Ltd

My husband drove himself to hospital after a severe reaction to insect bites. He was put on a drip and had to stay in overnight; the last thing on his mind when he arrived at hospital, at 1am, was to pay for car par.

Consequently a few days later we received a parking ticket from ParkingEye Ltd,we have appealed but have just received a reminder for payment. Also on letter it says that all appeals will only be accepted and responded to in English!

Is this not discrimination?

by Susan

  • Eff you parking eye

    This too is a scam as you’re charging people to say don’t pay it.

    I used to work there & can say don’t reply & ignore & they can do nothing it will just timeout on the system & you won’t get any more letters

    • BPCN

      Not everybody is content with “Just don’t pay”. They like to know why. It says don’t pay on enough pages here, as well as don’t appeal. But I still have hundreds of comments and submitted articles from people who have appealed and now don’t know what to do. The book explains in more depth the information I used to form my opinion and where I found that information. Everything in it is information that can be found for free, but people prefer the convenience of the ebook.

    • James

      What if u get ccj

  • ps

    Do NOT ignore Parking Eye tickets, they have a plethora of county court cases going on from just these ignored cases. Its possible the poster left before Oct2012 when advice changed to appeal all cases and take to popla where it causes PE to pay over £27 for each appeal. See Pepipoo.com for advice on beating their cases.