An expensive motorway migraine

Had to pull off the motorway as I got a most awful migraine and it was dangerous to drive. Pulled into Welcome Break Services on M5. Fell asleep, woke up and drove away.

Received a Received from Parking Eye – had over stayed free parking by 15 mins. Sent 5 letters to them asking for mitigating circumstances – they ignored all of them. Offered to pay the difference after the free time – no response.

Appealed to POPLA (wished I had not) they said they could not accept mitigating circumstances and that there was a breach of contract. Wrote to the Minister of Transport and Local MP.

Just received a Claim Notice from Northampton County Court for £165.00 (£100 parking, £15 court fee, £50 solicitors cost!). This is ludicrous and way out of proportion to the monies of charge.

I am not sure whether to defend. I REALLY want to as you are encouraged not to drive tired etc. I avoided a potential accident happening and no intention of staying there past the two hour period but I was not well. Watch this space

  • Jane Taylor-woods

    My sympathies re migraine. Evil things! I had hypo, not fit to drive. Taken to court. PE and Judge not interested. Have to pay £185. OAP and struggling to find this money otherwise a CCJ for 1st time ever.