£85 for 30 minutes parking

On an evening in December 2012 I was going to my sons 40th birthday party in a restaurant just round the corner from the car park in the high street. I assumed after shops had closed about 8pm that there was no charge for parking as during the day you are allowed 3 hrs free i couldn’t see any where that said it was 24 hrs so thought it would be ok to leave it there.

I parked from 7.40pm and got back to car at 11.15pm i was the only car in the car park, a very large car park, there are signs up all over in fairly large letters saying 3 hrs free but only on closer inspection it mentions in very small writing it says 24 hrs. Iit also states it closes at 10pm but it doesn’t.

A week later I get a pcn for £85.00 with photo of my car number plate at 74 yrs old am not prepared to pay that amount for 30 minutes over 3hrs