14 hrs in Gordano while we won Best Puppy miles away

We left home in Ross on Wye at 5am to go to a dog show down in Exeter. We stopped at Gordano at 6am approx., they have our car coming in on camera.We exercised 4 dogs but what they don’t have is us leaving 20 mins later.

We arrived at Matford leisure centre at 8am. Judging was 9am. We won best puppy flatcoat in front of 100’s of witnesses. I sent them a photo of the rosette on the appeal email.I sent them the newton Abbot Canine Society secretaries phone number to verify it.We then visited a friends house after lunch at Upton Pyne.

We then had a meal at the Mill on the Exe with another friend, meeting her at 4pm, but paid cash so have no card details, the receipt is long gone. The staff would remember us as we moved from outside as it got chilly and sat on a reserved table in the corner and my steak meal arrived without the steak…

We then drove back and stopped at Gordano at 8pm approx and exercised 4 dogs and I went to use the loo using the disabled ramp and door. They have us on camera leaving. Unfortunately they think we stayed there 14 hours.

As if I would stay with 4 dogs in a car park in an ordinary car, the boredom factor alone, let alone just the obvious, I have better things to do. Shame for Gordano as we will never stop there or give our business to them again.

  • BPCN

    This is an all too common scenario. The cameras don’t catch you leaving and you return another time, they automatically think you overstayed.

    Two simple points:

    1. You should never have appealed in the first place, this gives this scam a legitimacy it does not deserve. They do not listen to reason and do not care about your appeal. But once you have, they know they’ve got a live one on the hook and will continue to hassle you for cash.

    2. Ignore the invoice they have sent you (it is NOT a fine). If you are the unlucky 0.01% who ends up being taken to court by these jokers you have all the evidence you need to prove to a judge that you are NOT responsible for this unreasonable demand. Do NOT try to prove your innocence to a private company who have no justifiable business in attempting to extort money from you.